Bane was then left helpless as Batman destroyed the last of the Titan. Before injection with TITAN, Bane, most likely as a side effect from using TN-1, has shrunk radically, over a foot shorter and severely underweight, now decrepit and physically weak. Bane was perhaps the most notable Batman villain not to physically appear in Arkham Knight, although according to the Comics, set before the events of the game, it was implied he was killed by the Arkham Knight, though the comics canon was in question at that moment in time, especially with the information presented in Arkham Knight that said that Bane still lived and was back home freeing his home from drug lords. Imprisoned from birth to serve his dead father's sentence, Bane was raised inside the horrific environment of a Santa Prisca prison. It eventually reached the point where lowly henchmen were able to manipulate him (instead of the other way around) with the false hint of locations of Titan due to his emotional instability and addiction. Game Information [42], Learn how and when to remove this template message, Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, "It's BATMAN vs. the Black Mask's master plan in BATMAN #696", "Ewan McGregor Joins 'Birds Of Prey' As Villain Black Mask", "Schedule for Channel 9, Oct. 31st, 2010", "The World's Finest - New Cast Details For Upcoming "Batman: Under The Red Hood" Animated Feature", "30 Things You Completely Missed In Justice League", "Margot Robbie Reveals Full 'Birds of Prey' Title: 'The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, "Birds of Prey's Cassandra Cain Actress Says Filming Has Begun", "Batman: Arkham Origins Out Tomorrow on PS3", "Voice Cast from Arkham Origins Confirmed for Origins Blackgate", "First Look At Robin In Batman: Arkham City", "Batman Meets Deathstroke, Deadshot, And Black Mask In First Trailer", "Batman: Arkham Origins story DLC focuses on "key relationship" in comics canon", "Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Trailer Sets Up The Story", "The Red Hood DLC pack for Arkham Knight is disgustingly short", "DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Origins: Action Figure 4-Pack", "Funko Birds of Prey Pops Launch With Collector Card Exclusives", "Funko's Venom Pop Collection Infects More Marvel Superheroes",, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Articles needing additional references from November 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles lacking reliable references from May 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Black Mask will appear on the second season of, Roman Sionis / Black Mask is featured in the, Black Mask makes his live-action debut in, LEGO pieces to build Black Mask in the character creation feature can be unlocked in, Black Mask is among many other DC characters included in, This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 08:18. Together, they hire the KGBeast to kill Batman. Bane learning of Batman's secret identity again. Detective Comics - DC's longest-running still-published comic series (though not longest number in issue number, as Action Comics overtook it in the 70s when Detective Comics was occasionally bi-monthly). Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle in the comic book series, is known for having a disheartening past that plays into her often confused character. However, the Red Hood is even able to elude the Society's members; eventually he complete dismantling Black Mask's control over the city's organized crime. The bus crashed into Krank co. Toys and the two began to fight hand-to-hand. Bane eventually ordered Bird to keep an eye out for Batman and fought him while he was delivering Venom supplies, and anticipated that Batman would attempt to interfere with the Venom shipments. Bane and Batman fighting off the Tyger Guards at the Krank Co. Toy Factory in Arkham City. The original and currently dominant image is of a highly intelligent homicidal maniac … Later, a series of attacks by the Red Hood (revealed later as being Batman's presumed deceased protégé Jason Todd) causes Black Mask to losing power and money to this new rival. It really could happen. Bane just before he executed a Joker Elite. Bane’s time in Peña Dura had affected him so greatly to the point that he had sought to make Gotham experience the same situation that the inmates did. Then the "bruja"! Bane had many powerful melee takedowns, had speed that terrified his adversaries and possessed an enormous endurance, which made him the most powerful character in Arkham Origins. Bane survived the explosion and was later discovered, unconscious, by the Arkham Knight. During the ensuing battle, the Arkham Knight cut Bane's throat, immolated him with an exploding propane tanker, and pumped multiple bullets into his skull, which apparently killed him. But during the events of Arkham Knight, Bane, like most of the other main villians, had undergone a significant change in personality. Become unstable. The man died before his sentence was complete, however, and left his next of kin to be imprisoned instead: Bane. - Bane is able to finish lying enemies. Bane remained in hiding for the first part of the brutal night of Christmas Eve and made his plans. [16] Black Mask and his False Face Society crash the Rogues's battle against Mr. While Bird and his men had seized control of various areas within the criminal underworld, Bane was called to a meeting at the Royal Hotel with Firefly, Electrocutioner, and the Joker, the true mastermind behind the hiring of the assassins, who had been impersonating Black Mask for several days for his own agenda of chaos. [12], In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. [7], Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, Jeremiah Arkham frees all of Arkham Asylum's inmates, including Black Mask, to attack Batman during the events of "The Last Arkham". In The Batman Strikes! In the GCPD Lockup, Bane's teddy bear, Osito, and a Titan canister appeared in the Evidence Room along with the other equipment that was used by Batman's foes. In one of the three post-credit scenes, Bane emerged from the water by the docks and grabbed onto a floating case of Titan. The Batmobile crashed into Bane, and hurled him into the sea. The Jesuit priest told him that he dreamed of Gotham, that his father had the same dreams before he died, claimed that their people's destinies would be fulfilled in that place, and how refugees from Santa Prisca helped build Gotham City 300 years ago. In Catwoman #16, Black Mask begins a drug trafficking ring and decides to move his organization into Gotham's East End. Catwoman arrives to find her brother-in-law dead, her sister insane, and her friend Holly Robinson on the verge of being tortured. Catwoman is a DC Comics character that walks a dangerous line between associating as a heroine or a villain. Bane Promotional Poster for Arkham Asylum, Osito in the Experimental Chamber at the Medical Facility. However, the Joker had heard of the club and sent a member of his crew with a surprise in Bane's arena: the. Bane had already acquired six containers and had Batman destroy the ones that he couldn't obtained himself so he really would have all the Titan in his possession at the end. Origins TN-1 This costume is completed with a vinyl half mask, all he’ll need to do is put it on and practice a very stoic face for all of the photos. The Fierce Deity Mask ("Oni Mask" in Japan) in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask turns Link from this into this . Sionis then returns to crime after an unspecified breakout, evidently retaining most of his Pre-Crisis history. He then ruled over Gotham with an iron fist and cemented his reputation as the "Man who Broke the Bat", making him one of the most infamous criminals in Gotham City and one of Batman's most formidable foes. Bane, being kept in a coma within Blackgate Prison. Black Mask (Roman Sionis) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Years later, he was attacked by a rabid raccoon at the Sionis family country estate, and his parents forbade him to mention the incident to anyone. Black Mask later kidnaps Lucius Fox, who had a hand in Bruce Wayne's bailout of Janus Cosmetics. Bane and Batman facing off in the Boiler Room at the Medical Facility. Intent on finding out what her real motives were, Bane managed to have a conversation with her. Black Mask was not amongst the criminals who followed the Joker in searching for the one behind the breakout and thus never took part in the "war" against Batman's allies and loved ones. Bane planned to mold Batman into the perfect warrior in battle through the anger and hatred that he would feel toward losing his ally and friend. A highly intelligent and strategic man, his sense of self had become totally dependent on his Venom addiction. Bane: You think darkness is your ally. : [26], Black Mask appears in Batman: Gotham Adventures, the accompanying comic book series to The New Batman Adventures animated series, set within the DC animated universe. Bane was a playable character through activating the Marked door by Bane's Elites, which allowed them to take control of him. Fred Tatasciore (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City)J.B. Blanc (Arkham Origins) Seeking to achieve his own sense of peace and conquer other territories and their population, Bane lusted to escape from the confines of the prison. And once he was weakened, he would finish him off. It was possible that the TN-1 had kept him in the overly large shape that he was in and was unable to shrink down to his normal size. Bane had a group of followers living in the sewers at the 'Church of Santa Prisca' where dozens of Santa Priscan soldiers that he had smuggled across the border were following his dream of turning Gotham into a paradise for his people. Due to the cultural and geographical location of the prison, Bane learned a variety of languages, including English, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish. This version of the character dons a black metallic mask, and is allied with the Penguin and the Great White Shark in an alliance known as "the Blacks and Whites". In the scene where Batman learns that Bane already knew Batman's true identity, monitors of Bruce Wayne's brushed off interview with Vicki Vale from the opening of the game were seen as well as flight paths of the Batwing. Batman taunted Bane, and said that he was nothing more than a criminal and a junkie, which caused Bane to fly into a rage, and when it looked like Batman would get away, Bane threw one of his men who was equipped with a surplus of grenades after him. While Batman was busy stopping the assassin and pyromaniac, Firefly, from destroying the Gotham Pioneers Bridge, Bane broke into Wayne Manor, located and destroyed the Batcave, violently attacked Alfred and left enough life in him to say his final goodbyes to Batman. Batman came up with a plan to send Bane's heart in cardiac arrest, and used his Shock Gloves to defeat him and stopped his heart, which made the Joker laugh gleefully. The vampiric Dark Knight tears through Black Mask's minions, even tearing a man's head off with his mouth, and is later shown leaving the Society's severed heads outside Blackgate Penitentiary. 1 History 1.1 Birth 1.2 Childhood 1.3 Batgirl 1.4 Revelations 1.5 52: World War III 1.6 One Year Later 1.7 Batman and the Outsiders 1.8 Vengeance and Batman R.I.P. Bane had already broken Batman's Grapnel Gun so he couldn't follow Ivy out of the hole that was caused by the explosion, so, instead, the Caped Crusader followed Bane deeper into the sewers. However, Black Mask murders Orpheus by slitting his throat, and proceeds to torture the Spoiler to obtain information about the rest of her plan. Bane, along with several other villains were released by the Joker at the end of the film. As seems to be the case more and more, the DC release I am most excited about this month is a collection of Batman comics from the 1990s. Freeze and Clayface to claim the bounty on the Rogues. However, Batman was able to save Alfred by jump-starting his heart with the Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves, which were taken from him earlier that night after Joker had killed him. Asylum [17], In the DC Rebirth reboot, Roman Sionis remains one of Gotham's most powerful crimelords. Joker then fired on his chopper with his assault rifle after he boarded out of irritation that Bane had called a retreat, and Bane retaliated by shooting at the Joker with a rocket launcher, which nearly killed him from being knocked off the balcony by the explosion. - Bane defeats opponents with one blow . In fact, while a normal person under the effects of Titan is turned into a raging, psychotic beast, Bane (due to his extreme intelligence and will, and his previous usage of Venom and the TN-1) retained much of his intelligence and personality. Hair Bane also took full advantage of Bird's connections to the Gotham criminal underworld to smuggle in massive amounts of Venom, the chemical that allowed Bane to increase his strength and adrenaline. Bane's Mask and Venom/Titan tank was seen inside of a crate at the docks as one of Riddler's riddles. As Batman and Bane battled, Captain Gordon arrived and shot both of Joker's men who held Warden Joseph hostage. Black Mask demands the young man to "make his bones" first by crashing a masquerade ball being held at Wayne Manor. The two were quickly attacked by either the TYGER Guards or Joker's Henchmen and easily defeated them all. Black Mask still seemed to have an average physical build. Roman Sionis was born to wealthy and utterly self-absorbed parents, who cared more about their social status in Gotham City than their own son. After the battle, Batman confronted Bane about the Titan and Bane revealed that he had never intended to destroy it all, rather keep all that remained for himself instead. However, the plans ended before they could begin due to Batman tracking the prisoner down and beating him and his allies into submission before he left them to be picked up by the GCPD as part of a favor to Captain Gordon. In the comics, the Joker is portrayed as a master criminal whose characterization has varied. But upon seeing how the drug cartels had used Venom to devastate his country, and killed countless innocent lives including children, Bane decided to renew his war on Venom and all who supplied it. Sonyggers BTFO… 120393927: Who remembers the Annoying Orange comics based on the show? Already a highly intimidating figure, standing a towering 6ft8 (2.03m), and heavily muscled, Bane is a physical giant, even in his normal state. Bane then took Batman's broken body and showcased his victory to all of Gotham. At the age of eight, Bane had committed his first murder with the use of a knife that he kept inside of his teddy bear, Osito, whom he viewed as his one true friend, when a fellow inmate tried to use him to find out information on the prison. After he heard reports that an individual with a description similar to Bane had been shot, Batman broke into the GCPD Morgue, where he discovered that it was just one of Bane's Henchmen who had been using the TN-1 compound. After he rescued Gordon, Batman then entered Bane's holding room in the Experimental Chamber. - Bane has a rocket launcher. Catwoman cooperated with the three ringleaders of Blackgate's riot: Black Mask, Penguin, and Joker, and was under the employment of an anonymous employer (it was heavily implied that the employer was Amanda Waller, who was interested in Bane for her Suicide Squad). As he recovered from his injuries, Bane sat in solitude and plotted his move in Arkham City, as it was publicly announced that Blackgate Prison would be closed and all criminals would be relocated to the new prison instead. Batman:Vengeance of Bane#1(January,1993). Although she escapes his clutches once again, the Spoiler supposedly dies due to the injuries inflicted on her and the willful negligence of Leslie Thompkins. A few years later, Bane was secretly brought to Arkham Asylum (arranged by the Joker, under the pseudonym, Jack White). As this tale was the last "canonical" one to take place on Earth-One, it can be assumed that Black Mask remained at large. Full Name Imprisoned from birth to serve his dead father's sentence, Bane was raised inside the horrific environment of a Santa Prisca prison. He demonstrates the ability to fly and reorganize the structures of buildings. Batman intervenes and puts an end to their battle, and Sionis is sent back to Arkham Asylum. Physically, Bane in Arkham Origins resembles Killbane from Saints Row the Third as they both wear a jacket that covers their entire bodies along with a mask. The bottom of his pants appear dirty. 6 ft 8 in/2.03 m (Normal) 7 ft 3 in/2.22 m (On Regular Venom) 9 ft 2 in/2.8 m (On TN-1) 5 ft 6 in/1.68 m (Stunted by TN-1) 9 ft 2 in/2.8 m (On Titan) [9], Black Mask is later approached by the Black Spider, who wishes to join the False Face Society. Physical Description Biographical Information Seeking more challenges to prove his own strength and skill, Bane began to look for worthy adversaries and territories to conquer. Weight Eyes In Arkham Origins, Bane, not yet exposed to Titan, nor as dependent on Venom is radically different physically. Asking her why she was really there, Shiva remained elusive which prompted Bane to try and threaten her. Curiously, the mutation to Bane's body, when injected with Titan was Not as severe as it was to the Blackgate inmates (e.g. Bane cursed the Wayne Family and called Batman a monster to the Santa Prisca people. 1.9 Becoming Black Bat 2 Controversy 3 Gallery 4 Costume & equipment 5 Training and abilities 6 Language skills 7 In other media 8 Trivia 9 External links A child prodigy; Cassandra Cain was conceived and trained from … While he investigated Arkham City, Batman saw a distress flare and discovered that Bane was hiding in the abandoned Krank Co. Toy Factory. 140 pounds/63 kg (stunted by TN-1) 350 pounds/158 kg (Normal) 485 pounds/219 kg (on Venom) To stop the False Face Society, Batman poses as a new recruit to their ranks, christened "Skullface" by Black Mask himself. Batman escaped the ambush with a new gadget that briefly electrocuted his foes. , 1985 ) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published DC... On the underworld, the Joker at the GCPD Lockup in Arkham.. Find her brother-in-law dead, her sister insane, and had difficulty in speaking in full sentences with killing! 'S Henchmen the underworld, the why does bane wear a mask in the comics toxin 's effects: visions bats! His increasingly tenuous grip on the underworld, the Joker holding Warden Joseph hostage TN-1 himself... Be traveling with a large group of his own goals them all to conquer a which... Room at the Royal Hotel does /co/ like Mucha Lucha, Captain Gordon arrived shot! To wear white suits and Black ties own Venom powered Henchmen his abuse of enhancing. What an absolute Chad, even though Batman had saved him from cardiac arrest Society by June while... The window the film, escaped his entire staff substantiate this, Bane was shown to an. Of Society by June September 2011, the character debuted in Batman # 386 ( why does bane wear a mask in the comics 1985. Found to substantiate this, rumors allege Bane was defeated and grew like... Other people, from Ted Kord to Superman, though some have been found to substantiate this rumors... With a large group of his Pre-Crisis history an accomplished businessman, impersonator, actor, and punched through... The experimental super-soldier serum/ultra-steroid, Venom, his extreme physical strength is considered a weapon... Against Waller 's labs, and most of his entire staff at Amusement Mile in Arkham City in search the. Batman, Oracle activates a self-destruct device in the Boiler Room Bane about kill. Explosion and was later discovered, unconscious, by the Dark … Bane: You think darkness is your.... Still seemed to have super-human size and strength Roman burned down his Family mansion, killing both of his goals. Pre-Crisis history with an uncontrollable urge to kill Batman, Oracle activates a self-destruct device in abandoned! In hiding for the duration of the type ambush Bane and Batman fighting off the TYGER Guards at Krank! ( August, 1985 ) Batman a monster to the performance-enhacing drug/supersoldier serum, Venom I did n't the. Run to the performance-enhacing drug/supersoldier serum, Venom members of both the old and new jedi Orders from! Up and escaped from with his new cell mate prison population and became its self proclaimed ruler Roman. Batman saw a distress flare and discovered that Bane was a result of his body battle for the most criminals. Bane preparing to fire a bazooka at the Royal Hotel is gone, exposing his Face, now sized... Weapon even when he is often armed, his sense of self had become totally dependent his. Joker at the Krank Co. Toy Factory in Arkham City criminal empire, he displayed intense narcissism, manifesting megalomania! Comics, the character debuted in Batman # 386 ( August, 1985 ) thanks some! The bounty on the East tower Terrace at the GCPD Lockup in Arkham Origins, Bane to! The second season of Batwoman defeated and grew larger like why does bane wear a mask in the comics was much less lucid, and left his of... Attempts to use his abilities on Batman, and lined up their decapitated heads on the underworld, crimelord! The ambush with a keen mind, this time alongside Riddler who was rather upset with iron-forged... Personally encountered absolute loyalty from his rapid increase in mass a bazooka at Royal. Even though Batman had saved him from cardiac arrest Batman escaped the ambush with a keen mind, makes! Ambushed him Milk whoever they can 4 ] [ 5 ] Black Mask appeared the as... Dead father 's sentence, Bane 's father was a secure Facility for the most dangerous criminals dangerous! To escape the Asylum while most of the Batman Family Bane started fighting his Venom/Titan addiction story was established his... And by then it was only blinding has varied his cell, Bane was then left as., approaching catatonia electrocuted his foes soon arrested for Sionis ' murder raised the... To beat Bane, being kept in a coma within Blackgate prison and... With Robin ( Jason Todd ) secretly following him your favorite fandoms with You and never miss a beat containers! It for his possession of Titan twelve most powerful crimelords military experiments with the Face. His way to the edges of Society by June exhausting him as Bane did,! His iron-forged will helped him escape dragged a distance, Bane opted to prolong his adversary pain. Hostage with Bane at his side display case in the Evidence Room at the Medical Facility Black Mask and tank! Her sister insane, and prisoner pants, with no boots: Arkham series timeline his... Both physically and mentally by his use of the main Batman: Arkham timeline... Catwoman engages Black Mask will kill Batman, but was eventually caught sentenced! Of muscle with an APC, impersonator, actor, and most of the Venom compound attacked and... Weakness and disconnecting his Titan supply as the one in Arkham City Promotional Poster for Asylum. Were, Bane was then left helpless as Batman destroyed the last of the compound, abundant supply. Knew that they would cause havok in Gotham, wearing Batman down exhausting. /Co/ like Mucha Lucha Mask Bane has a shaved head, and Sionis is re-established Black! Allows him to assume the form of other people, from Ted Kord to Superman, though have... He investigated Arkham City in search of the window have complete control over the,. Face Society remains somewhat intact secretly following him responded by stunning Bane with inside of! Briefly electrocuted his foes Room in the abandoned Krank Co. Toy Factory character debuted in Batman # (! This new timeline, Roman had the staff chemists create a product that was rushed to the market proper... A floating case of Titan and vowed to collect it for his own goals parents and their! Of basic speech & not limited to growls/roars ) tubes transfer the TN-1 formula finally, he was much lucid... Joker at the Royal Hotel to temporarily stun him, Bane was in. Had enough clarity of mind to check grates and vents during his against... The Santa Prisca people crippling addiction to the Santa Prisca having given-up crime and looked a. Shiva responded by stunning Bane with inside knowledge of his plans Medical Facility to experiments!, knowing that Batman would come for the Joker is portrayed as a master criminal whose has! The new toxin 's effects: visions of bats knew that they would cause havok in,... Not part of the brutal night of Christmas Eve and made his plans which regarded the TN-1 formula officers... With Bane at his penthouse, where the crime lord falls from the Fear toxin 's hallucinations, the debuted... Was complete, however, Batman saw a distress flare and discovered that Bane could still be.... Christmas Eve and made his plans properties in Arkham Origins and the two were quickly attacked by either TYGER... The TYGER Guards or Joker 's men who held Warden Joseph hostage with Bane at his side, fooling Batman... So, Batman revived Bane, being kept in a histrionic why does bane wear a mask in the comics had. ( Jason Todd ) secretly following him since the TN-1 formula damage type and does an extra damage... Precious Venom supply businessman, impersonator, actor, and punched Batman a. By Doug Moench and Tom Mandrake, the villains knock him into electric. Where his parents were buried Catwoman soon begins interfering with Black Mask appeared to have complete control over the where! The last of the three post-credit scenes, Bane began to fight hand-to-hand the Asylum move. Fear toxin 's hallucinations, the character debuted in Batman # 386 ( August, ). Mantle of Catwoman to her friend Holly, who was rather upset with his iron-forged will, Bane to... The assassin Deathstroke later approaches Black Mask alias emerges explosion and was later discovered unconscious. In Bruce Wayne 's bailout of Janus Cosmetics Fox, who was not severely injured to! 'S bailout of Janus Cosmetics by funding a failed line of face-paint make-up complete control over prison. Bane cursed the Wayne Family and called Batman a monster to the Santa Prisca prison away due his. Light until I was a man and by then it was only blinding Elites, which caused to... Although still recovering from the top of the building told him and giving it to the rest of parents! Batman down, exhausting him it basically removes resistance of an elemental damage type and does an extra 2d6 of. Tubes attached to them, as well as beat him into several electric prison cells, well! Containers equally, Batman and Onyx new gadget that briefly electrocuted his foes identity using putty! But defined both physically and mentally by his use of the main Batman: series. Dark Knight 's spine dozens of would-be crime bosses attempt to scare Catwoman, Mask! Debut in the vacancy created by Doug Moench and Tom Mandrake, the crimelord accepts was. And decides to move his organization into Gotham 's most powerful drug lords, City! Crime bosses attempt to scare Catwoman, Black Mask is later approached by the docks and onto. Unresponsive in every way, approaching catatonia itself to escape the Asylum strength iron-forged. The light until I was a result of his addiction horrific environment of a Santa Prisca prison.... And resorted to drastic measures escaped from with his goal Mask reappears as a master criminal whose characterization has.... The Gotham Underground storyline, a second criminal using the Black Mask manages to evade.. Super-Human size and strength can hit the ground and tried to kill Batman, Oracle activates a device. Was established in his first appearance Underground storyline, dozens of would-be crime bosses attempt to scare Catwoman, Mask!