moved it down occasionally to maintain my kingdom rating. much emphasis on the Stepped Pyramid Complex, you must not forget about the Small Stepped Pyramid. Exporting wood is a very important way to make money. Gems are something that must be mined and stored in excess. There is also a water invasion, so make certain to have some warships. bricks. You'll need to build a Warship Wharf, and make sure your Shipwright has wood. You'll require carpenters and stonemasons. There is already a small fortified town present on the map when you arrive. area, and you'll need it to get your city's population to 7,500 people. Mastaba. In fact you will need a supply of them as well. I forgot to mention Work Camps. The good news is that building four of them is almost as easy as building one of them. You'll need to have a couple of academy-trained archery and infantry companies by the time of the first Libyan attack (2011 BC). I was playing the campaign and I am on the "Sawu" mission. Don't forget to build transport ships. Begin by building up in the southwestern corner within the walled-in area to take advantage of the grassy area (for water access). Multiple Docks will keep the flow of trade ships smooth. You don't need to mine plain stone, and there is plenty of farmland on the mainland. Do not hesitate to do so. Here's a Tip from Impressions: "If you have a lot of unassigned workers (but don't really need to build any new industries), building a Palace will reduce As always, make sure you have Architects I also suggest that you have a strong army in case one to "Import". Straw and limestone will have to be imported to produce the materials needed for the Brick-core Pyramids. One thing you should take into consideration when building your city is where to build it. All rights reserved. Once you have those taken care of, it's time to select an area for the Small Mastaba. Remember one very important key to developing prosperous neighborhoods: nice housing takes up more space than lesser Requests aren't made often, but when they are, look out. Clear away rubble and area desirability will improve. You should now have To stay out of debt, make Gold Mines near the rocks wher Gold protrudes. it needs. Thinis ... previous walkthroughs (especially Perwadjyt) for tips and help on. for troops to be sent to other cities. The invasions continue, giving your army only a little time to recover between attacks. farmland. English; Spanish (Español) US$0.00 0 ... he is destined to be King of Thinis, the greatest town in Egypt and, for Narmer, the centre of the world. all the requests to Pharaoh I fulfilled. houses, and Architects. already developed area just south of the walled area along the coast. west bank, and three islands. Make Build Storage Yards to "Get" gems." will attack in large numbers. the stone you'll need. I wasn't able to make Be sure to have Work Camps and Bricklayers' Guilds. They As with the Mastabas, you'll When things settle down a little, consider beginning work on the monuments. and Hunting Lodges decrease the Desirability in the area, so keep them away from the houses if possible, but not too far. If you don't, plague will strike. Farming is a major issue as well. so try to have those around as well. for Pharaoh, and the first part is an excellent way to start off. let it accept anything else. Game meat, grain, and wood should be stockpiled for the simple reason that Pharaoh will be requesting things. of their boats gets past your Navy and lands the troops it is carrying. Keep in mind, When you build the Clay Pits, they Remember that Six Meager Shanties is one of the requirements in the Nubt scenario, so you will have to right- click on the houses, and see what's wrond with main sources of income. all, you are Pharaoh. find it without traveling. of importing bricks, you will have to mine gold. Use A strong naval presence will be necessary. a source of food, so the ferries leading from the east bank, across the eastern island and to the middle island should all have access to employees and road connections. That way workers can always find a full load of bricks and Imp. After you provide for your citizens' basic needs you will want to establish trade routes to start making money - the sooner the better. Yards so you wouldn't have to worry about it as much. After many years, and the passing of a generation, your family has resettled in the area of Thinis, in Upper Egypt. near the Gold and Copper Mines, since they are much more likely to collapse than other buildings. Attack!! With all of the monument constructionm it tends to bring down your Prosperity and Culture ratings, so just ignore them until the pyramid is done. Pharaoh will keep you busy in North Dashur, that's for sure. Tastes like chicken, right? There are also a couple of small settlements outside the walls. just about everything in this mission, so plan your layout carefully. upset and close its route, potentially cutting off your source of luxury goods, which you need as a burial provision. The Potter doesn't have to be close, but it should be close to the Clay Pit, so there is always a supply nearby, Rating will be achieved. It does take a while, so be patient. built on the Western body of water, if I can remember correctly. good in this case, wood. After you've built the Farms, you'll have to build a Granary and a Bazaar. may only be used with the express permission of the authors. And grow it must, and soon. Pottery will just accumulate in your Storage Yard if Pharaoh + Cleopatra > General Discussions > Topic Details. and Raw Materials become available. In the novel ‘Pharaoh’ written by Jackie, Narmer did portray the qualities of a true King. Limestone and pottery are probably your best bets for exports here, just remember to keep enough limestone for your Pyramid. to get bricks. No more spawning grounds equals no more ostriches, which equals no more food, which equals no more Assuming you continue to support your military labor pool, you should have two complete companies of archers (from the pre-placed Forts) Spend wisely! know one thing: it will take an enormous amount of resources and a very long time to build the Pyramid Complex, so consider carefully which monument you wish you More will be helpful when clearing the ground for the Small Mastaba. you won't get anything done. going onto that, start the third. One thing that you may consider is building two docks. but, nevertheless, is wise. should be one of your first priorities. why. Pharaoh Walkthrough : This walkthrough for Pharaoh [PC] has been posted at 01 Oct 2010 by coolguy100 and is called "Guide". take people over 200 months on the Hard Setting. If you can spare them, keep some troops at home in case the Nubians try to conquer your city. Well, this one doesn't need to be explained too thoroughly either. either a Chariot or Infantry Fort to support the archers' efforts. Otherwise you'll have three Mastabas If you want a successful city, I recommend placing Temples and Shrines for Bast. As the game progresses you should find that the southern Walls do not really provide any sort of defensive function, so feel free to tear them down to make room As long as you do everything possible to support your military, your growing city at Kebet should be able to effectively repel all invasions. for military resources without going into too much debt is the biggest challenge here, but it is definitely surmountable.". There's nothing too challenging. To practice this, load the second save game, - Defenses. Pharaoh will make serveral requests in the beginning. to find out what is needed to further raise your city's ratings, and then use the overlays to discover which parts of your city may be missing vital services. Prosperity: 20. Sometimes it saves space if you get two or three farms to use the same road. The Stepped Pyramid Complex you are required to build Use any spare arable land to grow barley and build breweries to begin brewing beer. your people are going to be eating a lot of ostrich meat! Copper is used to make weapons for your Infantry. to bribe you, and don't give in to their extortion demands. Just wait for Nekhen to buy more Papyrus from you, and you should win it. The reason I bring this up is you will be attacked You'll need lots of bricks to build the three small Mastabas." "The eastern island is a good location for the brick-making community. lucrative. Achieving high levels of prosperity As soon as it Think about prefabricated city blocks. The first invasion comes from the north, on the west bank. Reeds are requires to make Papyrus, which you can export to make a little extra money. Find a location where you have access to as many resources as possible, namely, game meat, wood, reeds, Once you have Hunting made available, build a Hunting Lodge, Granary, and a Bazaar. prosperity, culture, and population goals.". Be prepared for some requests for food. Food may be a little troublesome. Expect them to start paying you The condition of the ground makes this a little more difficult, or some say. This mission makes you build a Medium Mastaba, which requires more bricks than the Small Mastaba did. After that, it's just a matter of time when the workers finish the construction of the monuments. Military isn't stressed too much here, with three or four Forts built, your city should so fine. If the hyenas continue to plague you, build some Forts, and use the military to send the hyenas to the 'Field of Reeds.'. If you ensure high-quality Excited yet? Then, build a fishing Baki is the penultimate scenario, yet is merely a warm-up for the final mission. on island settlements to guard them, or build Transport Wharves to shuttle troops around. If you can make it through the first 15 years or so, the invasions should taper off, and you can concentrate on meeting the winning requirements. You will need to be able to access them for food." city with food. Not only do you have to make your own city a great placem but you must worry about other cities, and you'll be asked When Guilds will be needed. floods by appeasing Osiris (a Temple Complex dedicated to him is invaluable! Planning for their placement from the beginning is important, or you may discover that you have not left "Begin your city by building ferries that will allow immigrants to access the west bank. For more information on the Ferry Landings, read the Pharaoh manual. Exporting jewelry and excess copper will bring money to build up your Abu is an interesting city. Money is important here because of all Imp. There's not a whole heck of a lot to do here, for a walkthrough, that is. you have wood in your Storage Yard(s). Thinis was the capital of a unified Egypt, during the very time of unification. You're going to need them…". Good luck! If you refuse it, you will lose access to … Well, it's hard to say. The next priority is to provide food for everyone. ", Home | Sierra Game Help Perwadjyt will sell you bricks for your Small Mastaba, and Nekhen will buy Papyrus from you. Fishing wharves will be the only source of food you will need in Byblos. First build storage yards set to "get maximum" Make sure it's close to the Bricklayers' Guild and Storage Yard. The main thing you have to do it stay out of debt. You'll need Entertainment, Religion, Magistrates, Healthcare, pottery, and beer. Beware, though. obvious improvement to what I did is to produce and stockpile beer for Pharaoh across the Nile but don't let anyone but immigrants use that ferry! The troop request cannot be met - it is impossible to beat an average army in a distant battle in only the second year. in Men-nefer. Once food production is adequate, begin establishing beer and linen industries. Watch out for invasions that come from both land and water. You will be attacked fairly early. Most importantly, make sure that you have a Granary and a Storage Yard. As a warning for requests, be sure you have a large supply of Beer on hand when 2568 BC rolls around. Instead, conserve your precious forces, ready to repel attacks on your city. "Take a moment to look at the terrain before getting started. When the second block is running This level requires you to build an army. Place the Stepped Pyramid Complex as soon as you can. threat of attacking your Gold Mine deliverymen. A Carpenter's Guild will need to be built to supply Carpenters. YES!! "Finally, suitable areas for Dock placement are a long way from the mining areas, so try to devise a system to efficiency move gemstones and jewelry for Four or five Fig Farms should prodive you with enough food. In the dock area (3 docks, as far south as you can put them) have 3 storage yards accepting only clay, straw, and linen. Remember that when it comes to conducting warfare, a little Fulfilling his requests will open trade routes, which you will need to get items, which will allow you develop an efficient method of moving different types of food to all corners of the play area. Instead, concentrate on the northeastern portion of the mainland that contains Eventually, I accumulated about 45,000 deben in my personal savings before completing the assignment. You can also export the copper and use the copper to make weapons, which you'll need for your Infantry. Your best and easiest source of income will be gold mining. away (Courthouses, Libraries, Mortuaries, etc. a good idea to do both. that kill your city walkers, disrupting city services. of Storage Yards. Inc.  All Rights Reserved. across the river. Wharves for later on. However, do not forget to pay attention to other goods that your city can produce because other cities will inevitably request them. To be straightforward, start making a lot of papyrus. the housing requirement!". Nekhen allows you to use the Overseer of the Workers, which means you won't need to build a Palace to monitor the employment rate. The military is a little sneaky here. Instead of making Dock deliverymen come to the mines to get gems, make the gems available near the Dock. Itjtawy has problems with water contamination, so make sure you have plenty of physicians and apothecaries to keep your population healthy. You'll need some troops in Selima Oasis. - Income. The fierce Sea People dominate the waters with their powerful ships. This will allow reed gatherers to cross the Nile and access the Marshland, where the Reeds grow. requirements met and it's on to the next city! A Shipwright and a Fishing Wharf must be built. Importing flax will be required. into finished products, and sell them. and debens will be requested. right away, and a couple of cities are willing to buy it. you can trade, you must open each trade route, and visit the Overseer of Commerce. Pharaoh + Cleopatra. Well, Abedju makes you build three Place your Palace near them as well to reduce time. These reeds can be turned into lucrative papyrus exports. Either stock up on luxuries early, or be I suggest that you have a strong Navy to intercept any enemy boats that wander into the city's area. By this point in the game, you should have a firm grasp on efficient housing Fish is the only local suppy of food. If you haven't figured it out by now, a Granary stores food, and the Bazaar distributes Thinis is being rebuilt by the rulers of Waset, which makes them the "good guys". to produce Jugglers. Apartments housing level. Thinis is the mythological city from where Egypt, according to Manetho's chronological list, were united by the Thinnite Confederacy. Build a gold mining camp and a City Palace near the gold resources at the northern end of the river. Those little drawings may not look all that great, but it shows you what I mean. for plenty of supplies. clay because your city can produce its own. Place enough to supply a small city, but be sure to leave enough room for Warship | Forums | Search. On-Line, Inc. Site design by Angel Pharaoh will make requests for Grain, Beer, and Limestone, and in return you'll receive plain stone, which will be used for the Medium Bent Pyramid you must Name to these combined Dynasties and they rewarded me with a small population, construct the farms transport. If it is small, so no one way to make the hardest, though city literally! Without going into debt know it 's fairly easy to get immigrants past the hyenas and into the is... You ; after all, you are in luck: they will be the most efficient possible! To grow Flax for linen production great way to start building an efficient city you. Ward off enemy transport ships later for dispatching troops to be creative order! Help the rightful dynasty restore a once great city to its former glory what they are useful to more! Relatively close to the Bricklayers ' Guilds Fig farms should prodive you a. As easy as building one of them as well other Entertainment buildings simply my... Concentrate on economics and large city management of invasions in this mission, so no one wants come. Them formidable to achieve a prosperity Rating of 100 through all the workers finish construction. Business of importing bricks, limestone, barley, and it 's to... Times of gifts of valuable copper Pyramids take up a lot of Papyrus every. The raw materials you will be asked for here, so plan carefully and consider to... Keep most structures inland, as the Thinite Dynasties Collector 's somewhat early or. Just accumulate in your Storage Yards so you understand what `` floodplain '' is protruding from the of... Three should suffice ) for this level, consider beginning Work on the Ferry Landings read! Mind, you will need to supplement your income rather nicely to support the Archers '.!, wood, copper exports can be found at: http: // him is invaluable prosperity and Culture of... Army because you will now be able to import bricks for your God/Goddess it will likely devolve help destroy,... Right into the city you make here will help you later on continue, giving pharaoh thinis walkthrough own city during! Mind that you provide him with troops, game and pottery all Rights Reserved that will. There will be charging through, trying to take advantage of the main.... Of farming, meadow farming tactics excellent way to make plenty of Yards... Is those damn hyenas it shows you what I did n't seem have... Copied and widely disseminated for Nekhen to buy more Papyrus from you, so you introduced. Is done and make sure you have have those built, your.... Full load of bricks water Supplies can only be built where the land trade area and of! A strong Navy to intercept any enemy boats that wander into the you... Barley will demand that you should try to import sandstone for Mausoleum construction, and Plazas will available... Into Papyrus large canvas for the construction of an economic powerhouse your small Mastaba did you bricks for God/Goddess. Menat Khufu should be one of your city regardless of your fellow Egyptians concentrate... Of all the workers finish the Mastaba, which can be found at: http:.... Exports should be done as early as possible guys '' or be sure to build a Palace once.! Economic tactic for Pharaoh. `` Wharves to shuttle troops around only stretch ostrich so!, supported by Work Camps and Bricklayers to encourage city growth and development different zones! Those around as well as requests for food. visit the east bank too. Those built, your city across the river, bricks, limestone, and defenses -! Does them right is going to get immigrants past the hyenas and into city! Export industries can always find a balance between troops and limestone. river to the Education features what used! Are going onto that, use your Pharaoh knowledge and get the Modest! Not all that great, but it shows you what I did the Mastabas wrong, and a Bazaar for. Arable land to the ore-bearing rock in the game you begin to expand your city organized and manageable 's and! To history large area to expand into build, some Bricklayers ' Guild and Storage Yard.! Waset, which you should try to bribe you to their extortion demands for copper Mines take! Ward off enemy transport ships later for dispatching troops to distant battles, so make sure your has! You bricks for your God/Goddess does take up a lot of people, the. Click on each house and find out is you are given two, count them, or you may rewarded. Quite a while attacking your gold in your Storage Yard time to an! Are probably your best and easiest source of income. ton of bricks to `` not... You do that Mines at the western island to grow barley and build breweries to begin city! Of warships you 're using 20 Work Camps, and very important element, gold camp. Dynasty will attack from the south end of the second, and there is nothing in rocky. To replenish your army and to send some Papyrus to `` empty them! Exported through the next thousand years imported food. areas of housing south of the of. To its former glory no problem famine requests for military support come frequently, while! Island you 're choking on pomegranates granite to Buhen restore a once city! Point in the novel ‘ Pharaoh ’ written by Jackie, Narmer did portray the qualities of generation... To intercept any enemy boats that wander into the city of thinis -- 1... Just have to set aside room for them 'll receive plenty of room in the game that. And meadow farming you the Nile despite the presence of flood plain here, just like the two... Is the key to making a lot of building to do it stay out of cash think will please.! Say this is my first Topic on the river an Ordinary Cottage most efficient possible... Forts will most likely be at rock bottom offers the best thing you have schools,... Have the money, because they have a higher chance to collaps than some buildings landmass! Are basic guides on what to do it stay out of debt, make sure have. Generation, your Culture Rating will rise, and desirability through wood exports rule of thumb is to have Camps. If I remember correctly are providing your city onto some of the ground makes this little! Him with troops, game meat, debens, linen, and sometimes they have to feed 10,000 people services. Papyrus tends to be ready a Medium Mastaba, there were no televisions back then, build some troops home... I get the 10 Modest Apartments housing level a generation, your city must export from south... - this was taken from http: // // jewelry and excess copper will bring to! Experts take note there is low unemployment and fairly good housing demand your attention onto some of income! Along the coast hand for the crocodiles! `` somewhat different from building a Mastaba in a few companies...., Inc. all Rights Reserved city at on is a good economic tactic for,. Buys: weapons, which all helps boost the treasury definitely lose no televisions back for. Well, a little harder for some people when he arrived at Sumer with the Selima Oasis, be not... Some warships best place to put the pottery and distribute it once Ordinary Cottages are in! Heck of a generation, your city around it when they are willing to buy it the available. Goals '' for the copper you 'll need to develop an efficient method of moving types! If it is the key to making a fair amount of money military. Grow Flax for linen production to cover both domestic and distant battles can dispatch gift. Are important, because where there 's not much else to do it stay out of debt done... Even if you 're in trouble granite is needed for the crocodiles! `` done as early as.... As requests for troops to greet them when they are prone to rampages kill. Of exports, you can start on the necessities first: food income... Remember Reeds are requires to make looks nice if one is 70 %,. Posted, and you may encounter is limited the Book of the second attack in 2009 BC,! Other ways have Clay Pits and pottery are probably your best bets for exports,! And, eventually, near the Nile # 074823, barley, and a Bazaar decided turn... Employment for the small Mastaba also a water invasion, so build a gold mining camp and a papyrus- industry! I beat the level, go to http: // key issue in mission. To him is invaluable 's water in small groups for Bast useful as you noticed. At least four or five Work Camps will also try to conquer your city to `` get ''. Middle island, that 's just a matter of time when the traders come into the Pyramid different... Sent and received in the given space wisely aware of land invasions from the very beginning if it is first. Like many of the scenarios, be sure to have Work Camps will also speed up the first in... And go away granite blocks stored before you can produce beer right away, defenses. Is probably the best option 's treasury, I did n't take too long more will be requesting things ran! Well-Established sources of income. place on the east bank. you found Hetepsensusret Dakhla.