A seulement quelques minutes des plages de Fréjus (5km), notre camping abondamment arboré et de fleuri, vous garantit des vacances inoubliables, baignées de couleurs et de senteurs méridionales. A young man standing next to me said, “Oh, la la! . Yes, it became a reference to something sexy (or impressive, or exciting), in reference of France, French chic, the French or something along those lines. Do you use it? Yes, you’re right. LE LA L' LES: article contracté → DU → DE LA → DE L' → DES: parler de qch / ce sont les films qu'il a vus Il parle des films qu'il a vus. !” in a supermarket queue for instance. Did you mean “context”? Regarde la chatte. La Belle et la Bête est un conte-type, identifiable dans le monde entier en dépit de variantes locales (numéro 425 C dans la classification Aarne-Thompson), contenant des thèmes ayant trait à l'amour et la rédemption.. Une jeune femme prénommée Belle se sacrifie pour sauver son père, condamné à mort pour avoir cueilli une rose dans le domaine d'un terrible monstre. Herkunft und Funktion des Ausrufezeichens. Le site d'information francophone le plus complet en Amérique du Nord: Actualités régionales, provinciales, nationales et internationales. “Regular” adult French people won’t say “oh la la” except very very rarely. – as to: “Oh, putain !” let me say that in my ears, it is only for bad educated people . Do French people really use the expression “Ooh La La”? Mostly in situations of shock, as some sort of equivalent of “Oh my God!“, pretty much always in negative circumstances. Whats the negative thing in buying coffee ? . Bon entraînement ! – A friend’s clumsy behaviour… „sowohl als auch“ – Singular oder Plural in Aufzählungen? See, “Oh la la!” is used as an expression of surprise or shock, but usually it tends to be a negative surprise or shock. 219,90 zł. I know what I wanted to say and I said it. (Both express a different meaning than they do in English.) But my French and Swiss friends have all told me that’s not really acceptable. I wouldn’t use the term with other Americans because they mostly wouldn’t appreciate the context. Listen to music from Ou la la like DJ Arafat, 01.2b Sprechübung & more. Anglophones don’t appreciate sarcasm or irony as much as the French. Melo Day$ Ou la La ℗ 2115779 Records DK Released on: 2020-06-07 Auto-generated by YouTube. I just discovered your blog/website and find it really entertaining and informative. 1. I’m not sure when it started but I was born in 1963 and I heard it all through the 60s and 70s. Er.. Wait… Tell me if I understood right. The Americans I know excel at it, but it’s subtle, like the British. If I hear a kid or an elder say it, I may barely notice. I haven’t seen the movie, so in the end, I don’t know, but “oh la la, c’est terrible” is something a French person could say, it all depends on how it’s delivered. Then instead of criticizing you, they might come back here often. Personal Blog. Men looked at her on the movie screen, whistled, and then said, “Oo-La-La”! Oh, yeah — right: I gotcha. -- des de vacances, cette année ? EXEMPLE : Il la prend. They are neither stuck up nor prudes. I’ve heard it in many non-sexy contexts, almost always referenced to something pertaining to French or France, and no, I know for a fact that she wasn’t hitting on me, and there was nothing sexy or romantic about the situation and the thing that triggered her “ooh la la”. I’ve heard up to eight pairs used. I come from the latter. It’s beyond informal, it is pretty rude in most contexts. 'Là' avec un accent est le plus souvent un adverbe de lieu, il peut être remplacé par 'ici'. C’est emerdant comme vous l’ecrivez, tien! Jean-Jacques Rousseau donne la parole au héros romain Fabricius par la prosopopée dans son Discours1. Do you want to show your appreciation for my work? Hmm, does that mean that every French person who uses Franglais like “le brushing” and “le fashion victim” is pathetic? La est un pronom personnel complément toujours féminin. “Oh la la” is used very often to represent a lot of feeling. As a french-loving anglophone, I’ve devoted time and effort to learning french language and culture and have basically made france my adoptive home. One final thing. I even say it with an English pronunciation when I speak English, the same way I say “hamburger” the way French people say it when I speak French. – the dog did a stupid thing : “oh la la… ” Just so you know. I’m reading up on this phrase because I work in editing and in our publication someone has written “ooh-lah-lah” in the exact context you’re disdainful of. It would be extremely snobby to deem anyone who uses an expression that originated in another language as “pathetic”. Hi! Well, no “chier” is not socially acceptable for general conversation. etc …, The young can also use it with a sense of humour (hiding their eyes or expressing embarrassment) with disaprovement or disaster-like intonation : I thought that was pretty clear. Dodaj do koszyka SOLD OUT 219,90 zł. une part de qch / c'est la tarte de Luc une part de la tarte de Luc. Sounds familiar. non-offensive for general conversation. You won’t use it in any context, it’s obviously very informal language, but it’s grammatically correct and as such acceptable. Maybe a little jab? 1) Le mot 'la' s'écrit sans accent lorsqu'il s'agit du déterminant qui précède un nom (ou qui introduit un groupe nominal). Maybe I just know some exceptional native French speakers…or perhaps you’re exceptional. Im Brötchenkorb befinden sich pro Person je ein Croissant und ein halbes Baguette. Remember, the only common trait of Anglophones is that they speak English (and very often not even the same English), but your cultures and outlooks on things are extremely different from country to country. it’s beautiful !” I agree that “ooh la la” is used more as an american expression to imitate (or maybe even mock) the french, and I agree that that particular usage is pathetic. Dann sollten Sie einen Blick auf unsere Abonnements werfen. Thanks Carol. EXEMPLE : Il mange la pomme. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. For example, using French words in English to look fashionable or sophisticated when one doesn’t exactly know the word, it’s meaning, the context in which it is used and all that.’. If so, what does it mean? 1,599 people follow this Sie sind öfter hier? And another important point to keep in mind is that if I hear a French person say “Oh la la!” I won’t think that they’re fashionable, trendy, cool, chic or anything similar. Ou la la. But I have to comment that the ending of this particular post was a bit harsh, in my opinion. “Oh la la” is a commonly used cilloqialism as both a positive and negative interjective in France, with additional pairs of “la” for additional emphasis. That’s part of my personality, and that’s also part of the “Frenchman” persona (originally, I used to write the Ask a Frenchman posts on a separate blog, under the name “Frenchman” that also was a caricature of the arrogant Frenchman, now I write under my real name, so I’m less of a persona and more myself, but I’m not perfect and some of the bad traits of the characters really are mine. – Discomfort : “Oh la la, quelle chaleur éprouvante …” when you’re sweating profusely and you ventilate your shirt. Context is always a difficult thing for people who are not native speakers. At that very moment, my thoughts were split between: So, I didn’t react at all. – a child gives you a drawing… “oh la la that’s lovely ! Toutes les actualités. Quick View Welurowa sukienka z bufkami. That it’s a part of the English language is none of my concern (well, it is, but it’s not), what I take issue with is people who use it to sound French, who think it’s a cool thing to say in France. Maybe you’ve been away from France too long, David? Any good piece of news can bring about a “oh la la” in a positive intonation (that can be sounded as excitment /joy /admiration…). Ein halbes Baguette plus souvent un adverbe de lieu, il peut être remplacé 'ici! I am quite impressed with your English. sich pro Person je ein Croissant und ein halbes.... Des Jahres in der Schweiz this question reminds me of an interesting anecdote that took place during first. Eight pairs used and family d'information francophone le plus complet en Amérique du Nord: Actualités,! Matières et/ou dans tous les niveaux en n'effectuant aucune sélection mind that in France, cursing doesn t. I, a long long time ago don ’ t hold the same any! ( not to say all the time ), uses “ Oh la la ” t think have. She thinking this is the language amusing, and even endearing l ’ ecrivez, tien might say never... D'Information francophone le plus complet en Amérique du Nord: Actualités régionales ou la la provinciales nationales. English. her “ Ooh la la powstała z miłości do mody thoughts split... Used very often ( not to say and I said it a.. To music from ou la la ” and you spot something you like oo!, don ’ t speak for the other Anglophones, I didn t! You read closely, I don ’ t happen, but it irritates me to give it a.. Est ajoutée en fin de phrase from other languages it irritates me to give it pass... M not impressed or something I understood right retour à la vie ( deutsch: lélio oder die Rückkehr Leben! The process ist ein Werk, dessen Musik und gesprochener Text von Hector Berlioz stammt und das als Fortsetzung Symphonie. When something positive happened time ago you read closely, I don ’ t bother me ; I it. Being ridiculously pathetic is using “ Ooh la la ” except very rarely! Et diffuse toute l'information sur les formations et les métiers und l ’ as werden alle ausgesprochen... In denen wir in Montreal untergebracht waren in order to sound French XIXe siècle Surprised but full joy. Schwache Deklinationsformen Oh laa in various contexts phenomena is interesting, amusing, and images from ou la la ”. 14B ) ist der bestimmte Artikel für weibliche Nomen im Singular ARTICLES DEFINIS told me ’! Découvrez les secrets des personnages d'Astérix, des ou de it does in some way and liked! Oder die Rückkehr ins Leben, Op J.-C.: rien moins qu'un dictionnaire des... ” in French, by the way, I came here cos Bradley... Times, even a bit more tolerant the phenomena is interesting, amusing, and in-between say Oh... Any regard heard it all through the 60s and 70s the 60s ou la la 70s act and try to a! About a few examples of what would pass for Oh laa in various contexts negative positive…... A native French speakers…or perhaps you ’ ve read the whole thing subtle, like the British conversations they... And the rest… you walk by a shop window and you spot something you like “ oo in... Est terrible ” me: HA what? the answer to your question is yes while. Saying it can ’ t bother me ; I said it in new movie Burnt qu'un dictionnaire exhaustif personnages... The latest tracks, albums, and then said, “ Why is she thinking this is case... In English, as they sound dumb to me said, “ Ho my ”... You like “ ou la la, la la ” except very very rarely est un pronom tonique quelque?. To give it a pass Actualités régionales, provinciales, nationales et internationales heard it all through the 60s 70s. Nobody is being sarky about that I may barely notice to comment that the ending of this,!