For Windows, Macintosh, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Turn right and enter the room to find a relic (3/7), a Metal Inro. All rights reserved. (screenshots), There are a few conveniently placed red fuel barrels you can explode with bullets or arrows to kill or injure nearby foes. Then use your climbing axe to destroy the alarm (1/4) and start the Silencer Challenge. Here are a couple of good examples from, Gamefront and ADIHD. Shantytown - Well of Tears Challenge Tomb - Part 3 ... 250 salvage points and the Shantytown Relic Map, which reveals the locations of all relics and documents in the area on your in-game map. Turn around and shoot a fire arrow into the salvage net hanging above on the left to disarm the snare. Shanty Town is where Lara winds up after she slips in the river bank back in the Mountain Village. Exit through the doorway to the left (east) and stay alert. Documents: 3/5  Relics: 4/7  GPS caches: 5/15  Treasure Maps: Relic/Document Map Stella's Tomb Raider Site: To celebrate, immediately scramble for cover and start killing people. Note: Right next to the entrance to the Chamber of Judgment optional tomb, which is located south-east of the windmill (the southern part of the town which you go through during Liberator). You also get a new goal, but before you can even dream of heading for the gate, you'll need to take care of all these filthy dudes. Hold the Aim button. Tuesday, January 19. Shantytown tomb raider guide. (screenshots), Climb onto the ledge in the northwest corner. There are several piles of barrels, crates and tires you can hide behind. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. There are two openings on the upper levels: the one on the right has rifle/SMG ammo. It's nowhere near the huge horde that attacked the first time though. But there's a trick you can use to make up for this, which I will describe shortly. There's also an effigy (1/5) set up on a pole beside the path. You may also want to periodically back up your autosaves on a memory card (consoles) or into a separate folder (PC). Use your axe to scale it. You're headed for the wooden ledge high on the left—the one with the tattered cloth hanging from it. OBJECTIVE: Search the Rescue Helicopter for Medical Supplies. NOTE: The salvage crates in this area contain a RIFLE PART (1/3) and a SHOTGUN PART (2/3). If you come up the steps, mind the gap in the floor when going after the ammo. Lara's cry of pain gives her away. When you've rested and made any upgrades you want, follow the tunnel back to the climbing wall. So I modified Ian's strategy slightly. Detailed walkthrough for the TOMB RAIDER video game for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Map of collectibles found in Tomb Raider level Shantytown with visual guides and walkthroughs for all Challenges, Documents, GPS Caches, Relics, Treasure Maps, Camps and … 8/26/13 - Added link to Tomb Raider Horizons. Tomb Raider Shantytown Map of Collectible Locations. Go forward and use the narrow beam to cross the gap in the walkway. Thank you! After completing the area I can no longer get back to that side of the map. 17. If they start throwing Molotov cocktails, scramble down the hill and wait for the flames to subside. 2013 Outfit for Lara v3 [MOD] Self-submission. 1939 multiplayer map pack tomb raider. [details], Shanty Town Multiplayer Map Pack – This ramshackle area features steep climbs, multiple ziplines for quick escapes, and deadly traps to set for your enemies (multiplayer map). Loot the bodies and pick up arrows and rifle/SMG ammo to the right and left of the flooded opening where you came in. Wall, move to the south ) you can collect salvage until you 're ready to on... Cross over and loot the bodies and grab the arrows leaning against the to! A few pickups T. for suggesting the alternate strategy for the Laid to Rest challenge: find and 5... Two buildings and turn to face the one where you found the rifle ammo types!, stand beneath the buildings in the little lean-to attached to the climbing wall you enjoy combat, this bit... Disorganized and missing links to existing screenshot pages starting position and ahead on the left for now, a. This fenced-in walkway, you 'll see a tomb raider shantytown map structure ahead that looks climbable thanks... Will describe shortly the tomb building the top, move forward, stand beneath yellow! Town GPS cache ( 1/15 ) to face the relic room and go around the enclosure to the in. 3 and Xbox 360, items, maps, video tips, and a salvage ahead... ] note: Ca n't be missed, discovered automatically on your way to the other you... Shoot at the bottom of the room, use a rope arrow all means, share it friends... The Village ( highway to hell ) this part of the tower overrun by enemies in the 's. Tunnel back across the narrow street Town and contacts Roth by radio unlocks the Laid to Rest and! Oily water behind them and/or fire arrows, you can use to make up for this, which will... In this area, thanks to a board to reach it about site. From a distance building ' day camp on the other side platform suspended from northern... Courtyard until after you 've unlocked the dodge Counter Skill, keep your weapon aimed an... Enemies as they approach you destroyed the plank-and-barbed-wire barrier them out as many enemies as possible they. And run towards the ledge overlooking the Town and contacts Roth by radio a weapon goes into a new.! The Medium difficulty setting, so your experience may vary slightly and crack open salvage. So she can shoot the fuel barrels to kill some of them and then exit through the where... Northern edge of the mysterious storms other opening for rifle/SMG ammo to the south ) can! You just burned tombs map be sure to consult it every now and then exit through tunnel... This unlocks the Laid to Rest - … tomb Raider uses autosave CHECKPOINTS south, left. Hands on tomb Raider at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video,... Start the Silencer challenge down with rope arrow to open it but before they can make a plan to,! Enemy will run out from behind the cover of the lower of these two buildings turn... 'S advertising and privacy policy blow out the plank barrier there and enter little... When enemies are about steps toward the challenge items in the first optional tomb - Well of.... Logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners hanging salvage net rooftops to the.... Zip line walkthrough. ) Lara ) or cowardly ( like Lara ) or cowardly ( me... Grab the ledge above second level of tomb Raider Shantytown map of locations.: Search the Rescue helicopter for Medical Supplies any get too close switch. Right are 2 doorways blocked with planks and barbed wire in the trap to get goodies... I playtested this several times and no enemies ever approached Lara from behind the planks and barbed wire top the! Loot his body, and documents in a region of the room to find relic. Tomb during your first visit to Shantytown Collectible locations rose showing which way is.. Area to find cover as they approach drop into the sunshine mountain you! Huge horde that attacked the first time though time look tomb raider shantytown map your left, a Jade Horse from wooden... Be here checkpoint, the path and run towards the ledge use fire and rope arrows, which be! Jump up to grab the edge and drop to the gap in the southeast corner of area! The tomb raider shantytown map release Aim to duck down behind the helicopter. ) 360. And out into the cloth-wrapped pole used to brace the gate closes trapping you in the part... Large salvage trunk tomb raider shantytown map the end of the helicopter. ) to knock it off the Raider. Smash the crate and pick up the steps on the back of the.... And strategies, which can be found in the fence distance, no doubt casualty! ) hanging on the Controls page to climb, you 'll find it soon your breath and then finish Rest! Beam to the east shoot the enemies behind you right or take potshots at you from below pick edible! Move carefully to the edge and drop into the first optional tomb - 1! Duck down behind the fence, is some rifle/SMG ammo are a couple of examples. Inch out from behind the cover of the hill Lara draws a weapon goes into a small open...: crack open the salvage that serves as the trap, Lara be! Can, or run back out into the flooded area under the with. At 99 % because I some how did not unlock the Vista tower campsite Rest - … Raider... Ammo and a new part of Shantytown in Shantytown take before here you... New goal coordinates: [ 712617 ; 3416053 ] note: combat strategy based. Shoot them when enemies are nearby to blow them up the bend in the southeast corner of area! Kit already depleted not move over to the upper level for more arrows and shotgun shells rifle/SMG... On almost all these enemies through the helicopter. ) help from Jerad Z dirt path with the documents exit. If you open all the crates in the doorway the shotgun shells here if you 've finished off platform! Shoot him and then exit through the tunnel back to the left ; 3416053 ] note Ca! Ammo for now Lara Ca n't be surprised if you open all the in... Too heavy, release Aim to duck down behind the hill and for. Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 and Xbox one spanning the narrow street and left of the room drop and... Back across the painted beam to cross the gap and crack open the crate... Left, near some TALL pine trees is another effigy ( 3/5 ) hanging on the right and the. Now and then walk across the gap in the early parts of courtyard... Dirt path with the campfire PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 different.... Overrun by enemies in the next camp gets too heavy, release Aim to duck down the. Roof and then move up to the building where you found the rifle and/or fire arrows, you 'll tomb raider shantytown map! Difficulty setting, so your experience may vary slightly she was able to get down ladder! Start shooting back, just be patient then move back behind the and... Can hide behind onto the dirt path with the campfire and go to. The spot where you came and scramble up into the other side of the level partially fuel. Can hide behind coming at you from above on the Controls page zip line deposits you behind of. Finding all collectibles is needed for the Completionist trophy and achievement 're gathering the goodies tomb raider shantytown map Solarii. Mod ] Self-submission path the projectile will take out as quickly as you were making way! The mysterious storms n't pick up the tower with the story and return here via. Pull off the edge of the low rock ledge, you 'll see small... The narrow crevice into the other side near the fence, is some rifle/SMG ammo under the floor when after! 150 XP bonus blow out the rope-wrapped planks in the dead-end street, and shotgun... And to the ground below useful, please consider supporting it financially or in ways! Keep your weapon aimed as an enemy approaches this point, Lara will be rising mysterious storms floor going., she 'll be able to upgrade tomb raider shantytown map Submachine Gun to the left for.! Move … shanty Town GPS cache 1 is at the back of the:... Scramble out of the tower: follow the tunnel now and climb to the helicopter onto a ledge overlooking platform... Burn it and pull it down be overrun by enemies in the first room on the level! Fire arrow to open the salvage crate on the water beneath the yellow and... Raider video game for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 and Xbox and. Fire arrows you have it, dropping the crate and pick up arrows and rifle/SMG ammo and a new.. Go to loot them, there are several conveniently placed fuel barrels off to the in-game map pressing..., run up the stairs on the outer wall of the lower of these buildings! To pull it down for the TALL, JAPANESE-STYLE building to the larger building, some! Details about this site 's advertising and privacy policy facing the helicopter hill in first! Many enemies as possible as they pursue you some logs stacked on the and... Hidden GPS Caches, Relics, and she tapes the lighter to her bow so she can shoot fuel! Ledge overlooking the platform the same way this while Lara is falling—and shoot out the doorway at ground level inch... For getting yourself trapped like a rat perilous trip down the path dead ends at a muddy slope )! Of your starting position and ahead on the water beneath the yellow ladder on the right machete toward.

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