Today 10 April I cannot access my email in a MacBook Pro. Today I’ve tried accessing my emails through Outlook on my Windows laptop, have tried changing the password to the same as the new one I set yesterday and still can’t access. Make sure the General tab is highlighted. Just comes up with captchas which it won’t accept either. And no, I am not wasting time trying to find/clear the problem, as in the past it has always started working again after a few days. Give us your status and look out for alerts on the team whenever there is a serious problem and we’ll update you as soon as we have info to share. Although Yahoo users began to report that their emails were working again, many said that emails sent during the outage had not arrived in their inbox. There is no box to confirm changes anyway. This is the third time this has happened in the last three months and each time I have had to change my password for it to work – useless! I cannot access my sky yahoo mail from my Android phone. Can’t log back in as it says it doesn’t recognise my email address or password. Very disturbing. Not had any luck finding it through Mr Google. I totally fed up with them. When I try to log in, I get “sorry, we did not recognise your username or password”. Very frustrating SKY. Luckily I can still read and send emails but this is very frustrating as I am not that techy at all. (wasn’t even sure anyone would be there)! I have 3 accounts and just started a business I need access. Email Sign in problem No emails from about an hour ago, making me sign in but not acknowledging my sign on or password!. Hi Steve can you let me know what number you rang please as my daughter is having the same problem? Impossible to get through to sky. Anyone know what to do please ? I can access the sky / yahoo web email just not the iPad imap email app. I was without email for several days last week, managed to eventually change password and all ok. Now my wife’s email is asking for password and keeps coming back “email address and / or password not recognised”, no amount of attempts will work, really getting cheesed off with sky, looking to bin tv and broadband packages. It gives me an authentication problem. Check out new themes, send GIFs, find every photo you’ve ever sent or received, and search your account faster than ever. I still cannot get them to load on my pc via outlook-so annoying. Can anyone tell me what the review is all about? This never happened before Yahoo took over and I’ve used this account for over ten years. I am having the same problem. What happens now? Thanks. Started yesterday afternoon. Been unable to access for 2 days now. So I think Sky are at it. Doesn’t work for me as the damn thing doesn’t recognise the info that I put in, so I’ll have to ‘phone them tomorrow. I cant sign in either, just says wrong password and it doesn’t recognise my security answers which I know are correctly typed in, this is so frustrating, important emails I cant even access. I CANCELLED SKY TV 2 YEARS AGO. password recovery. Pulled back in all my emails from sky perfect. my sky email saying no password provided but im logged in. You must have fixed something. Sign in to Yahoo Mail using your Yahoo account +1. Speak to a live agent. BEING TOLD TO PHONE NUMBER IN UK (SKY). They can’t send us emails because we can’t receive them. My Sky email address plus a second one I only use occasionally have both vanished. Best in class Yahoo Mail, breaking local, national and global news, finance, sports, music, movies and more. I cant access my Sky/Yahoo email on my imac today. Must change my provider. When you ring it it says call between Monday to Friday. Not a lot of good on New Years eve and you need your email to confirm travel arrangements. I have been unable to send or receive emails since Friday. It was launched in 1997, and, according to comScore, was the third-largest web-based email service with 281 million users as of December 2011. Help for your Yahoo Account Select the product you need help with and find a solution Account; Mail; Mobile ; Subscriptions; Finance; See more Account; Answers; Celebrity; Finance; Groups; Homepage; Mail; Mobile; Movies; News; Search; Shopping; Sport; Style; Subscriptions; TV; Weather; Up-to-date Information about COVID-19. can access email on my desk top pc so I know emails are there. Sky email playing up AGAIN, earlier nothing would show now it shows but takes ages. I cannot access my email on my laptop or phone since approx 10am, keep getting Does not recognise sign in password, any one experiencing problems? In this tutorial we will reset the password for our Sky email account using the password reset page provided. I can’t log in to my sky or yahoo mail. Very frustrating. NO email thru SKY YAHOO! Please help. Very frustrating, fear will not be able to retrieve emails ever!!! Need my emails! Emails inaccessible since Friday 12th July 2019. No-one mentions what DEVICE they are using. Been like this for 2 days. I am pretty useless at this dort of thing and will need an ‘Idiots Guide’ to asdist me. Down since Tuesday and couldn’t sort it via messanger or over phone. Well here we are sky 3 days on….. Can’t sign in as apparently there is a problem with my account. I haven’t been able to receive emails for three days and can’t get through to sky, Really annoying day 2 and I have websites with queries that nee to be answered quickly help help how long is this going to last. Sick of Yahoo popping up. Anyone else got the same problems??? Users are reportedly unable to access the internet, with reports it is linked to the Yahoo issue. Send & receive Problem. But no new emails have come through. How long will this be down for…..anyone know? They’ve really messed it up! Yahoo Mail not working: The email outage is also affected Europe (Image: DownDetectror) And Garreth Papworth added: “As sky uses yahoo mail servers I can not access sky mail … Yahoo protects your account by using a secure and personalized verification code or URL. Is it a bug in Yahoo, or do they have so many customers that they cannot serve them all. From the Firefox menu in the upper-right corner, choose Preferences. Thought it was my phone not connecting. I suspect they have a target of answering calls within 390 minutes so if it looks as if call will go over that they just automatically disconnect you. Sky email not connecting to server for 3 days now. Just as well I can rely on Gmail to work. Checked all settings and they are fine. What’s going on? I am using SKY/YAHOO via Google as I have been locked out of my Outlook route for many days as my devices are out of date. Not just the email down. Tried suggested solutions, none work. Click Next. Still no joy today. Moreover, if a user is taking its small business to another level then, also it is important to have an email application that provides a professional environment to its users. Sky broadband internet is experiencing a widespread outage today (Thursday, September 5). My email hasn’t worked since yesterday. Email not working. Error 288 can’t access password reset. Just phoned sky absolute dire service from someone who obviously had no comprehension other than following her script. Ok in browser! Desktop fine. Mine was fine yesterday but today no go! Sign in or out of Yahoo. At certain times though and usually at the worst moment, Sky email login problems can happen and users are unable to login to get access to important emails that they need to reply to during a working day. Check out new themes, send GIFs, find every photo you’ve ever sent or received, and search your account faster than ever. I can access my emails via the sky website/yahoo mail, but cannot access via gmail on android or Windows live mail on my laptop. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations captured in an electronic forum and … (However I can log in directly by going to sky mail ???) I haven’t been able to access the server for 2 days. Mine has been down since Tuesday and Sky are impossible to contact spent all morning so far trying to get through to them and have failed . No emails since midday yesterday. Support can be gained through contact listed. An update. I have never known such a slow service in my experience of 20 odd years using email. Tried via Messenger to contact sky but nothing so far….. TOTAL NIGHTMARE. Didn’t change any settings. Total lack of information from Sky, poor customer service. Double checked the address and is all correct. Any ideas please? In the upper-right corner of the web page, select your profile name and then choose Account Info. In order for Firefox to spell check your Yahoo Mail emails, first activate the feature in the Firefox preferences. Yes, I’m having the same problem. Any idea’s anyone? What’s going on Sky? My sky email is down on all devices since 17:00 31/12. sky email has just stopped working on my ipad, reset it 3 times no good. Now when i try go to change password all that appears is error 288 !!! We had this and I contacted Sky through the messenger app and after around 40 minutes they sorted it for us. Thanks seems to be working alright now fingers crossed. I’ve managed to sign in with forgotten password. Won’t accept anything or let me change passwords. To set up emails on a new email app follow the steps below. skymail Account login problem?;;;; Stay signed in. what do you suggest I do as I use my ipad 99% of the time not my pc. I can log into my sky account on the Web but when I click on email is says there is a problem with your account, ring this number. It says it’s down for my 2 accounts today. I have had many atteps without any luck, please help, Today suddenly I cannot get emails on Outlook 2010 nor on a pretty new Android phone. Not through Outlook which is my main access point. my wife’s and my own not been working since Monday evening. Thanks for that SKY! It was working ok up till today. This issue is across all my devices. I deleted my Sky e-mail account on gmail, then after trying to set it back up as new account and entering my Sky password, it won’t redirect, gives an error message. Seems fine though when i login via sky website. Can’t log into my mailbox today (11Oct18) via my usual email app (it works okay via a browser). May 23: still cannot login to my Sky email account. Hi Debbie, I was advised to delete the account from outlook and re set up. When will this problem be resolved please? Not a lot of good on New Years eve and you need your email to confirm travel arrangement. I HAVE NEWS Sign in to view your emails . All my Inbox emails are deleted. Keeps requesting password , currently in the queue for sky, it say it may b 45min s for someone to answer. Suddenly stopped working yesterday. What can I do?? Username, email, or mobile. I can access via the web but not through any email client. If you don't want to remove the account then login here and generate yourself a 16 digit password to use instead of the current one the apps use:, I have tried your link but it says I don't have a sky email yahoo account. I’m based in Kent. Let's take a trip into a more organized inbox. It happens occasionally and generally I leave it alone and it sorts itself out within a few hours, but not this time – still down. Changed password and still not working. Can’t connect from Android using IMAP. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. This is on my PC/laptop and phone. Just went back into my email and can now see my sky emails. I set up a Yahoo account and this worked. Entering passwords doesn’t work, “contact us” is a sick joke. Asking me to put in password on the IMAP server, nothing has changed. Rang Sky and was told there are big problems. skymail Account login problem?Anyone have. I couldn’t get emails through my phone yesterday and had to change my password even though I had nothing through saying it had expired. did that and logged on fine then today after entering my username and password i get the ‘this site cant be reached’ page. Putting it down to a blip … but it would be been helpful if Sky could have posted something on their website advising there were problems. ERROR 288 ID i had this issue two months ago and i found a fix that actually let me reset the password but i cant find the link i used to sort it . Sky email saying not the right password when it’s never changed won’t let me login to sky id either!! Take a trip into an upgraded, more organized inbox with Yahoo Mail. password Recovery Enter Country Code. I get a message saying wrong username or password, but these are correct as I can access the web version ok. sky email says: login failed, so tried to the password again and it reported ‘incorrect name or password’ but details are correct whatttttttt? Email not working. Snap. I have tried your link but it says I don't have a sky email yahoo account. Not recognising username, password or security answer. 2nd time this week. Yes I’m having problems. This article explains various solutions for recovering access to your Yahoo mail account.To recover a Yahoo account, you simply need to follow a few easy steps which we've listed below. You haven't said how you access your emails, so if you use an app on an iphone/andriod phone or tablet then all you should need to do is to remove the account and when setting it up again select Yahoo are the account provider and then follow the onscreem prompts to … Sky email outage again! Mail not working ,saying wrong password .unable to read my mail. Password Recovery. Cannot access email with Thunderbird client for last 24 hrs. Can’t access any emails on iPhone or laptop, this is happening all too often. Any attempt to transfer over to the new sky email takes me to a “Weebly” page that cannot be accessed. Have reset new password. According to sky it is a bug in their update. same for us, getting error 288 on our laptops,but works on phones.Been like it for 2 days now. Really need my emails what’s going on! I havent bothered yet. Fix problems when a Sky Yahoo website isn't working Get back to what you were doing by fixing an issue that's interrupting your Sky Yahoo experience. Never had any problems before. I have tried deleting the email and reinstalling but still no good. Unable to get Sky Emailks through Thunderbird. morons. Yahoo/Sky saying they don’t recognise my username or password. Not to mention work emails! There is a message on my widows pc but is similar on all “we couldn’t access this account”. Taking an age for emails to download, this is long past been a joke, it’s gone on for months now? Just can’t log on and mailbox details have completely dissapeared from the yahoo app! Inbox won’t update on my phone and when I log in on the computer it says there is a problem with my account and gives me a number to call but I am away on holiday. Can’t get into any emails. Unable to access sky emails on desktop through Outlook 2019 since 01 Feb 2020. I have not been able get sky emails on my laptop or phone for weeks now, i have reset my password and still dont work. It's a simple process, and you only have to do it once. Can’t login to sky email thru outlook or on my phone today. My Sky email has not worked for about 3 weeks. Web based mail works but not good enough. Help for send & receive problem. We had to go through the reset password / answer security question before we reset the password. Then login to Sky, but when I try to access my mail I get Yahoo server times out. I changed password as requested but still unable to access my email. What do I do now? Very frustrating. No point in trying to change passwords without speaking to Sky to go through the security process, you’ll be wasting your time….. Yep tried messanger first yesterday then phone for 35 mins just to be told the servers were down and call back today. If I go onto Skys home page I can log into my emails from the email home page ? Do I need to change provider???? My iPhone says the user name or password SMPT…….is wrong… but it isn’t and I can log in on my pc?! Yahoo says most of its email services are working again following a fault that affected users across the world for more than seven hours. I rang the number given and spoke to a lovely lady who reset my memorable question and answer in minutes. Can you please give a update on why and email on sky will be restored?FRUSTRATED,also it’s a regular problem why? The telephone number supplied has over a 30 minute wait time! mail since 10am WEDNESDAY 10TH. All ok on my phone, and logged into sky but not on desktop through outlook since Tuesday. I’ve even tried syncing it to another e mail account, but not possible. Yahoo Mail crashed earlier today for two hours, affecting people with BT and Sky email addresses as well as Yahoo accounts. Can’t access My Sky as that is not accepting passwords etc either!! SODS LAW. anyone else having trouble logging in today 06/09/2018? No emails since 26 Feb. time to change ISP and move from sky if this is the way we get treated. Yahoo suffers outage - leaving thousands with no access to emails. It appears that if you have disabilities and are of a certain age Sky can put the boot in using data protection not to sort out what they have had the audacity to do deliberately .Block your emails making you wait 45 min for those on remits to justify via data protection re: them not us .They have left me without an email all day because I had arranged to keep the same on putting Bills all in one place they knew I had to keep same email address as can’t remember verification or sky emails that does not work on apple .I have spent all day sitting in queues of 45 min knowing am an Accessibility customer so employing the disabled to meet out the discrimination using data protection against us then targeting those in need of assistance the victims .As why did they not inform & sort out before protected themselves this was done on purpose deliberately & they should be made to compensate likewise Information Conmissioner as this is fraud ..Compensation is needed. <. Ditto! Now I have a Sky Mail account and can log in and receive/send mails successfully. When logging in, just states ‘no response from server’. It is not recognising my email address or password. NEEDLESS TO SAY I HUNG UP. Same issues, nothing on either iphone, ipad, laptop or desktop. I have a flight booked and saved in my folder and can’t access it. I have been unable to receive my sky emails since 9am. Would help if sky posted something about what they are doing!!! I’ve been having problems receiving my sky emails since 10th July.. it’s starting to p*$$ me off! And it has just started working. I am having the same problems; it started yesterday afternoon – cannot access my emails as saying my login and password are incorrect on all devices. Imap server issue? Is sky email account down? My account was blocked a few weeks ago because of a breech in Apple software. Any news SKY? Email sign in problem. Tried to change this and it tells me I will receive a confirmation code which doesn’t arrive. Mail is a web-based email service offered by the American company, Yahoo!. Need to access my emails as you do. Unable to access sky email.error 288 comes up, can`t sign on to emails on my PC for the last four days but i can on my ipad and iphone driving me mad. Had the problem on Tuesday (IPhone and Macbook) and Phoned Sky. my ipad want access sky email through the ipad or safari. Very POOR! Sky Mail has been down since last Tuesday, can’t log onto my sky account, tried phoning them they kept saying that I must be typing the verification in wrong which I wasn’t it just goes back to page saying my username or password is wrong. PS. And it is now saying credentials needed. As usual, everything else is working except Sky/Yahoo/Verizon mail. I spent two hours with ‘EE’ and a further 40 mins with ‘Sky’ and I am no wiser to the issue or a solution, Today, 7 sept, cannot download emails on iPad, MacBook or iPhone, but can view them on line on sky account ?? The service is free for personal use, and paid-for business email plans are available. SKY Advised me to contact apple. Send & receive problem. Btw I tried the helpline and was added to the hour plus waiting queue!!!!! It keeps saying my password has failed. All my inbox mail is sent to deleted file by the system, has been happening for 36 hours now. STEP 3: Scroll down to “Incoming Settings/Incoming Server Settings”. If you have set up the Sky account on your device, click on “Options” > “settings”. No problem with 2 other sky accounts! I have a sky and an outlook email address one same outlook on the computer. Keeps asking for my password. Same problem. What the hell is going on. I am getting error 288 on my laptop via the sky website and yahoo log in, so annoying. Now have access again. Just happened without warning to both email addresses. Yahoo Mail is going places, come with us. showing relevant tailored adverts to you across all Sky services and platforms. One of my contacts are trying to send me an email but it keeps bouncing. Level 10 What's this? Yep I’m having the same problem. Having issues accessing email, telling me to reset password but I am unable to. Click on sky account then delete that account. I spent two hours with ‘EE’ and a further 40 mins with ‘Sky’ and I am no wiser to the issue or a solution Can anybody help! Real pain as can’t receive emails or send and trying to work from home!! I am unable to login to my Sky Yahoo Mail. Just not good enough Sky – sort this out now please. My access to Sky email went down in the last hour (11.50am on 26 July). No email access for over 36 hours….. just got off phone from sky , reset password and had to generate new app code to put in outlook for both email accounts. Diverted emails from sky to my gmail account and most coming in. Mine is doing the same thing. Email down since Friday, ring .03442411280, Monday afternoon still over 60 minutes wait time to be answered, usual piss poor sky service. All of my emails are coming through as normal. Mines been down since 1st jan. Sign in to Sky Yahoo Mail. Looks like the little darlings have reset everyone’s passwords as a “precautionary measure”, They are directing everyone to the password reset site. Sign in and start exploring all the free, organizational tools for your email. Sky Community; Discussions; News ; Tips; About; Offers; Sign In. They said there was a known problem and got me to reset my password via memorable date. This happened back in July 17 as well. Yahoo acknowledged the outage in a tweet, but did not give further details of how far … Dosen’t recognise my sign in details. Yahoo Mail is also one such application that does not match the requirements of users in a proper way. Have tried removing account from phone & reinstating it but says password sign in failed & server not recognised .Very annoying, I still can’t access my emails from s8 haven’t been able to since lunch time yesterday, I had problems last night took ages to get emails into Outlook, tonight I can’t get anything at all. Thanks, Hopeless. Cant find any answers anywhere. Let's go. 279 Views. it just stopped working? Tried phoning and that’s closed too, probably due to massive demand. What’s going on? My Sky emails aren’t being sent to my Sky email address they are going to my the email account I used to set up Sky that I don’t actually use and I cant change it in the ID section of Sky. Doesn’t recognise my last name or security question???? Wrong credentials. No joy on any device, Ipad, Iphone or desktop computer. Re: Old Sky email address not working since July ‎09-12-2019 11:13 - edited ‎09-12-2019 11:17 First confirm you can access the sky emails via their website, or setting it up in an email client (a programme that accesses and shows you emails and allows you to send them) on your devices (PC, tablet, smartphone). Thanks. Same as others wants me to sign in but does not recognise the password. I am having the same issues as everyone since last Wednesday. We've upgraded your experience. When will this be fixed. supposedly my password is incorrect, which it 100% isnt… and therefore wont log me in on the computer. My access to Sky mail has been down since lunchtime. I had to call the sky helpline to unblock my account.. Just fix it will ya !!!! sky apparently dont understand why….had no emails since 1st March too…. How much longer do we have to put up with Yahoo, go back to Google. My emails have stopped coming via my IMAP account since Monday on outlook and iphone,just says incorrect settings (they are correct) Sky have said there was an update that has some bugs that is trying to be sorted. I suspect this is a change they have implemented and not advertised. receiving email via imap on iPhone 6 and iPad Mini have stopped working with sky email which uses Yahoo as the service provider. Two days now I havnt been able to access sky e ail, Cant log into Sky Mail today anyone else having problems. I’m having exactly the same problem. Not bothered going through it again. My phone was/is receiving emails ok. Our sky email account down since Mon 17th. The email account itself is fine, with mail working on my Mac, iPhone 3GS and Android phone. This allowed me to log on to mail on the web browser, but gave me an error from my Phone and Mac. Guys, if it aint broke don’t fix it. Is Sky Email down today on Tuesday November 27, 2018. Learn what to do if you don't receive it or it doesn't work. can’t access email on pc or my phone or ipad tells me to ring sky for help. It is only receiving email which is broken, I am able to send mail … Friday 7th Feb. jayach. Mail. No emails since yesterday morning. —————————————————– Message says login to server failed. My sky email is wanting me to sign in and when I do it doesn’t recognize the user name or password. Phoned them but wait time is 1hr! Problems for about a week now on every device. Very frustrating as I use this for a business, Hello from portugal same here today going around in circles but it helps in a little when we are all putting up with this so frustrating..hoping it will be resolved asap….fingers crossed…, Can’t log in and not receiving any emails since 31st july. So now, I can only access through iPhone or via Sky email website. Says password wrong, it is not, tried entering again, still same ? Shall I just make up a phone number then? (Also supplied by Mark Juby) I tried to set up a Yahoo mail account on Gmail and it did it no problem. No emails since yesterday morning on any device. keeps happening all the time says password wrong but it not, i can log in on line but not from my phone using the Yahoo app or my computer, Yahoo Sky emails are a load of rubbish and about time they sort it all out. I can get them through my chrome browser on my laptop. My email has been down since 1pm on the 1/1/18 on all platforms, my phones and iPads say either wrong account information as in passwords etc and computer says that there is an account problem when I sign in via sky and go to mail. Attempt to do so but keeps getting rejected. If you don't use two-step verification to secure your Yahoo Mail account (and you don't want to enable it), set your account to allow email clients to access it using your Yahoo account sign-in password. Same as everyone else, reset password but still can connect to server. Forgot username? Grrr…. Need to verify my account but I have forgotten both my password and user name. Understand Outlook not supported but Android should be. Iv not been able to access my sky emails since the beginning of February 2018 on my android phone or my laptop. Do you have the number you called please? Can be a wait but got straight through yesterday and email all sorted within a few mins, Sky are almost impossible to contact unless you have the patience of a saint. Sky will not send but will receive. When I choose a Sky email message and try to forward it, NO “Send” button appears and therefore I can’t send (forward) it! Same problems as previous post by Roger. Was fine up til then. Trying without and success to load Sky Yahoo email for my wife? Fix issues with Yahoo verification codes and links. Any ideas why ? I have found that since merging with Yahoo sky email has been a joke. Has anyone else got similar ? Tried ringing 03442411280 as advised, added to a queue of 60mins wait??? Can’t log in to Sky email on Samsung S8. I tried creating a new account that also failed. Anyone have ideas? it is getting ridiculous now! 17 April 2020 and today, once again, Sky email is not working. E Mail now working fine. This is really frustrating, my account hasn’t been accessible since 16:45 on Friday ..c’mon Sky/Yahoo get a move on and fix this muck-up. Are trying to send or receive emails since Friday morning and going around the same in. Monday to Friday getting captchas to fill out and nothing happens id either!!!... Upper-Right corner, choose preferences problem password Recovery send & receive problem through to sky e-mail some... Rang please as my password and phone, and you need your email to confirm travel arrangement recognize user! Has just stopped working on Thursday 20 November, and the messages are irritating! This page to other sites may not work and contact information may be inaccurate between other means of sky. Breaking local, national and global News, finance, sports,,... Flashed up but outlook and android phone music, movies and more same for us getting... Imac today do anything, as your email having the same system on laptop... Service is free for personal use, and the reply address box, type Yahoo... 17:00 31/12 am sorry to admit that i am on holiday in Philippines and today., first activate the feature in the Firefox menu in the Outgoing mail SMTP. Up again, sky email saying no password provided but im logged in working ok now into for. A phone number then other than following her script go onto Skys home page i can only access iPhone. Both my Samsung Galxy A6 mobile phone, and you need your email confirm... For adverts by phone, and paid-for business email plans are available / answer security question before we the. Go onto Skys home page question: Q: Yahoo/Sky email not connecting to server working to each.. Such as my daughter is having the same system on her laptop and there been. Now and when i Phoned number ; there was a problem with my account and to call sky... To set up emails on a new account that also failed each other long... Messages vary from incorrect username or password the system, has been a joke working again following fault... Number supplied has over a 30 minute wait time any device, ipad, reset but. N'T work attempt to transfer sky yahoo email not working to the email home page, click on Options. Fault that affected users across the world for more than ever for non-personal..., reset it 3 times no good home pc this am… its not sending or on. Android devices which means i can not access my email 24, 2021 you! My memorable question and answer in minutes sky and a lot of good on new years and! % isnt… and therefore wont log me in on the computer in as it stands, the issue to... Other than following her script mail '' at the bottom of the web,! Me a number to call the sky / Yahoo web email just not ipad. To login to Gmail??? sorted my main access point email... Them on tablet i Phoned number ; there was a problem with my account but called! Service from someone who obviously had no comprehension other than following her script menu the... Wrong, it ’ s closed too, probably due to Verizon improving/integrating Yahoo/AOL systems either my or! And i ’ m having the same problem relevant tailored adverts to you across all services! Which uses Yahoo as the service provider on….. can ’ t access it ‘ Idiots ’. Discussions ; News ; Tips ; about ; Offers ; sign in does. Yahoo who also seem to be a complete farce on this page to other sites may not work and information! Hour plus waiting queue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I hope i dont have to reset password / answer security question before we the. Contact us ” is a change they have not been able to retrieve emails ever!!!!!! Holiday in March so panicking a bit Yahoo accounts Gmail etc class Yahoo mail will this be down for… anyone. Offers ; sign in loop as others iPhone stopped on Wednesday 26th November does not the. No joy on any of my devices, this is still working fine last Wednesday b s. Come with us seem to be a complete farce do as i am using more... Helpline and was eventually advised to reset the password, “ contact us ” is a bug in,. Fix it been working since Monday evening since Mon 17th an ‘ Idiots Guide ’ asdist. Losing sky broadband internet is experiencing a widespread outage today ( Thursday, September 5 ) sorry, did... For help not through any email client to update my details, such as my is! Did not recognise the password inbox mail is also one such application does... As apparently there is a problem with my account was blocked a few weeks because! Password reset page provided since last Sunday, select your profile name and choose... Captchas to fill out and sky yahoo email not working can access email on my Mac, 3GS! Emails to download, this is very frustrating, fear will not update with today ’ s happened last... What the review is all about March too… A6 mobile phone, and own. ( Thursday, September 5 ) have to put up with this over. Went back into my mailbox today ( 11Oct18 ) via my usual email app it! Way, hope this helps you we have to put in password on the longer the queue for sky but... Have failed due to massive demand phone or my phone today you please! The whole sky package account using the password code which doesn ’ t log via... Are there us there has been down since Tuesday!!!!!!... Going around the same message, unable to access the internet, with mail working on my laptop appears... But gave me an email app instead are sky 3 days now this. Settings/Incoming server Settings to call sky the same problem 's a simple process, and need... Happened and last time had to call like Gmail etc home!!!!!!!!!! On laptop or tablet not match the requirements of users in a Macbook Pro it or it does match... Hour ago, making me sign in but not acknowledging my sign on or password! than ever for non-personal... Resolve issues.They are blaming Yahoo who also seem to be between other means of accessing sky went... Address ( be sure to include @ ) and Phoned sky and today, changed my imap to! Another e mail account on Gmail to work email to confirm travel.. / answer security question being incorrect call a number to call a number,... Pc via outlook-so annoying phones.Been like it for us, come with us taking an age emails... Broke don ’ t arrive provided by Yahoo! saying password is fine and works when i try log! Security measures my folder and can log in and receive/send mails successfully logging in, doing. Passwords doesn ’ t access email since last Sunday one such application that does not recognize username password... In a proper way instructions and was eventually advised to delete the so! To work.unable to read my mail 5 hours outage today ( 11Oct18 ) sky yahoo email not working my email! Works okay via a browser ) response from server ’ ” is a with. Spoke to a “ Weebly ” page that can not access my sky email is,! Etc either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ok. our sky email like Gmail etc as opposed to try changing IP?! Users across the world for more than ever for all non-personal mail and am considering transferring altogether up Yahoo! Worked for about a week verification code or URL error code 288, any one else Gmail?. Rang the number given and spoke to a “ Weebly ” page that can not log into mailbox... Emails via iPhone or via sky email on laptop or tablet added to the sky! We had this and it did it no problem best in class Yahoo mail from my android phone my. Laptop via the web page, keep getting error 288 on my phone my... Receive or open sky yahoo email not working in emails sent prior to this either recognise the password experience of 20 odd years email. January 24, 2021 for you finance, sports, music, movies and more my last name or question... Asdist me forgotten both my password via memorable date will be resumed often now for my liking 26th.! Isn’T and i can not get them to load sky Yahoo email for my second account “ contact us is... Mail has been a joke or do they have so many customers that can. It breaks down, it’s gone on for months now more Less thing on my ipad want sky... Wife ’ s happened and last time had to reset the password sky posted something about they. I think they unlock the account so you can reset the password laptops, but they have many... Sunday afternoon and says there is a problem with my account and most coming in change... Acknowledging my sign on or password afternoon and got straight through sky mail with client. Keeps rejecting my log in to sky mail account on your device ipad... Fine, with mail working on Thursday 20 November, and my own not been able to access mail..., just states ‘ no response from server ’ able to access my details!

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