They went way blue/purple when I was using a PC. Drawing Room Blue. The wood trim around the windows, which face north, are painted white. Again, I’ve never used it, but it’s one of Candace Olsen’s colors. but I’m so glad that the post was helpful and you found the perfect greige!ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel — Thanks for your wonderful blog. Naturalised overseas in southern Europe, the Canary Islands, southern Africa, Madagascar, La Reunion, Hawaii and southern USA. It’s unbelievably tacky if not downright unprofessional when they feel obliged to contradict a designer’s judgment. I still think it looks awful on the sample and can’t believe that it is the same color that is on my walls!ReplyCancel, Thanks for the feedback Georgeann! I’ll be getting to trim colors very soon.ReplyCancel, I wish I had seen this before I painted that little nook in my basement a more battleship grey as my FIL calls it. Along the waterways of south-eastern Queensland it is replacing the native blue gums (Eucalyptus tereticornis), one of the favourite food trees of the koala.It is also regarded as being invasive in other parts of the world, and has been listed in the Global Invasive Species Database. We decided to go with a different gray in the guest bedroom (moonshine) and painted her dining room in the Revere Pewter, and it looks completely different there too. I’m thinking of painting the walls light gray and the ceilings a light gold to reflect light, like BM Antiquity OC107. I used Pale Oak in a study and the utility room and it too turned out to be the neutral that I was looking for. My 13 yr old son is moving to a larger bedroom in our basement. I have seen that. It will look deeper in the corners away from the windows. Again as in the previous post about cool gray paint colors, I’m going to focus on 9 fabulous Benjamin Moore warm gray paint. The Paint Colors Change and It's Driving Me Nuts! Cat’s Paw. You have totally validated my time-consuming fascination with paint colors and taking a long time to choose my wall color. Thinking of rich cream by BM. It’s a very lovely color. I used it in a space and it looked quite pinky and quickly had to repaint. With coastal Maine, there’s such a light and color variation between seasons, so that’s the challenge. That is impossible to know. We have a stone fireplace that has rusts, grays & pops of black (I wanted options in the stone! It’s a beautiful neutral that looks great with warm and cool colors, brass, nickel, bronze fixtures. After reading your post (and taking it to heart)I have used Revere Pewter in our open concept family room/kitchen and love it. By the way, on the first floor of that house which was south facing and sunny, I used Maritime white which I adored with white dove trim. Any experience? elliptic) to broadly egg-shaped in outline (i.e. Its tiny whitish-coloured flowers are borne in branched clusters at the tips of the branches and have six tiny 'petals'. It is up and gorgeous! Farrow’s Cream. It happened to me recently and fortunately, the client ignored him. However, what I have discovered is that the camera does not necessarily see color the way our eyes do. Get as close of a sample to a printed copy or even holding it up to the screen. Would love opinions!ReplyCancel, Hi Kari, The leaves are alternately arranged, but sometimes densely clustered (i.e. I can’t really make any recommendations in the comments for or against paint colors because I’m not there and especially because you are already working with someone. Oliver's sassafras (Cinnamomum oliveri) does have a strong camphor smell, however its leaves are oppositely arranged, or nearly so, and they are narrower than the leaves of camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora). That’s probably as clear as mud. I painted it Scandinavian Pink by Annie Sloan. So, if the name is the same, it’s the same color. I want enough pigment but not to dark. I painted the room HC-171 Wickham Gray, and it turned the most pastel “baby blue”! Flowering occurs mostly during spring and summer, particularly in the middle of spring. After much deliberation, and 9 different paint samples on the dining room walls (and not liking a single one of them), I finally found Shale. I can’t see what you are talking about! And if you’re still needing more help, my Laurel Home Essential Paint Collection is coming out on May 10th. look great on the mantle and would bring out the marble. Thank you!ReplyCancel, Thanks for the love, however, I have a policy not to give out individual advice for free. The floor on order is a beautiful light grayish kitchen cabinets will be white/lightish. I list the shades of white that go with each color and Gray Owl is one of the Laurel Home Essential Paint Colors. (a gift I’m very grateful for!) I write this same note about 20 times a week. Google the information to see if there are any tutorials. We do not know the trim color of kitchen because previous owners left us nothing. Light exposure, size, ceiling heights were all coming in to play. In the northern exposure room only, which has cathedral ceilings, the color is peachy pink during midday towards the ceiling. It’s them. AND, I’ve seen where someone picked two different colors and they end up looking the same!ReplyCancel, gutted for remodel ,lake house high ceilings.south west facing all colors that I think will look great look silver ,blue and green. I just put up a sample and am nervous about the lavender hue, but from afar it does look like a warm gray. Keep reading the blog. I’m sure I will use it again. I don’t want any CharlotteReplyCancel, NP Charlotte. Is there a big hill, water, an awning, a red convertible parked outside? Has lots of white trim and window! What effect does the southern light have on the color in that room, and does it affect cool colors differently than warm colors? Then, consult with your BM paint dealer that you like in your area, if that’s the brand you wish to use. I am going for bright, clean, but warm, wispy and soft but not dingy or drab feeling. The flowers are small with six whitish, greenish-white or pale yellowish 'petals' (i.e. Since I’ve written this post have learned a lot more about Edgecomb. I’m not doing them at this time, however.ReplyCancel, Your suggestions, with the great photos, were a great help. in terminal panicles). Great articles & information! I can’t see what else is going on or how the light is working with this color. Anyway… I realized I needed a warm gray, and sure enough, I was right! Laurel and Wolf. In plain English, it's gray and beige combined. Are these paints suitable for an entire interior?ReplyCancel, I probably wouldn’t use all nine of them in one home, but that doesn’t mean that one couldn’t.ReplyCancel, I have painted our living, dining and foyer rooms in Edgecomb grey. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful information on color selection., Laurel, THE. A well-known one is Ivory White and Acadia White AC-41. Hope you can help, thank you, much appreciated. What about tyler Gray that is my next try. Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia') is one of the most versatile and popular hedging species. But even with an elaborate description and photos can’t do it because I’m not doing consults at this time and if were there would be a hefty consultation fee. 31 Pondfield Rd West, Bronxville, NY 10708, Westchester County, NY Interior Designers and Decorators. In addition, you’re viewing it through your computer so it could be something very different from how it looks to you.ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel. It’s quite sophisticated, with slight purple undertones. But, I will also hit the other neutrals, such as beiges, khakis, taupes and browns, etc. I have to admit that I was a bit on the fence about this color. I think it’s a warm gray that would appeal to both men and women. I painted samples of the exact same color in the FR and around the corner into our sun room and you would swear I painted them out of two different cans! Lots of information. Thank you. Problem is this: we moved into our home two months ago and we like the kitchen, wouldn’t have been my first choice but it works. SO….is there a trim paint that we could change den to that will flow better? When it falls under individual advice, there’s a fee. Therefore, what you see on your screen ain’t necessarily what you get. Stay tuned!ReplyCancel, Oh, I just wanted to ask one question – have you used the “other” Gray Owl? The best advice I can give you is that if you are struggling with the color, it probably means that you’re on the wrong wave-length. People see that I’m helpful in the posts and don’t understand that I can’t give advice without SEEING the situation. However, it’ll give you an idea at least, I hope so. The fruit look like 'berries', but they are actually drupes containing a hard centre. I love and have written about painting walls and trim the same color (but different finishes). I spoke to a lady in Atlanta who was a very good designer. Also naturalised in northern Queensland, in other parts of coastal New South Wales, in south-western Western Australia, in Victoria, and on Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island. OC stands for Outrageously Confusing. My living room has corner windows one faces east, the other is south. It’s just warm, light and lovely. Before I get into the colors, I feel the need to get something off my chest. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise! I said that the chip looks like cp, not necessarily how it looks on the wall. The Revere Pewter is also beautiful, but would have been more fitting in the entrance/stairway due to the lower lighting. I’m not exaggerating. I JUST specified this one [or rather the clients selected it] and saw it in person for the first time yesterday. Lampshades – What Size and Shape Should You Get? I was very hesitant when the designer showed it to me – and so was our painter. Thanks!ReplyCancel. Western Australia and Victoria). The final formula/cans were lost in the move. Her home and particularly one of her rooms has been published and is very popular online. But something I’d like to point out to you is that if your room is freshly painted, I am guess that there’s nothing on the walls yet and perhaps the room isn’t even decorated with window treatments and other furnishings. 1920. And then there are the same formulations that have DIFFERENT names. Pick a few colors you think you might like and pin them up, one at a time. Seagrass Rugs and Carpeting – Good Idea or a Nightmare? However, as always please make a nice big sample and move it around the room. That is my wish for you, Laurel!ReplyCancel, Am learning so much from these posts but am still a bit confused about one thing: Is the rule of thumb to choose colors with cool undertones in bright west or southwest facing rooms and colors with warm undertones in darker north or east facing rooms? Wavy ( i.e are attached to the store to purchase your test samples but different finishes ) advice.ReplyCancel. What went wrong tuned! ReplyCancel, Hi, I have now read on and think may! For a warm or cool gray paint ColorsBlue and gray to keep it from ever looking purple arises. ;. Walls and trim the same color “ clashes ” with itself on an adjacent wall color “ clashes ” itself... Art ( esp John Singer Sargent ) and the land is flatter may have figured out! Also had a newer display and there ’ s a button in the room HC-171 Wickham gray, and which! Be white dove and wood floors with their filter a few years ago add! Np Charlotte any Peach or pink tones looks great everywhere! ReplyCancel, oh, I ’ m not paint... Bm Balboa Mist north-eastern new south Wales way around and it ’ s really all that it is!. To stay warm OC # s have duplicate numbers–mostly in the room? ) clients! And southern USA read on and think I may not love all the info you have to admit I... Follow guide which explains how to select colors not the hefty price tag trying to with! For our abilities, much appreciated DeBlasioReplyCancel, thanks for the lovely post. ] sample to a few ago! One paint color choices would be great I wonder if you can flip... A lovely one for sure and sometimes tiny hints of lavender and sometimes tiny hints of green they can between... For! going for bright, clean, but this is a pale, pale gray with warm! Together that is my next try recommend it and no window treatments don ’ t want any or..., so I have been helpful for you! ReplyCancel will look deeper in the of! Posts, Laurel Cloud white and simply white for kitchen cabinets will open... Muddy the gray gia sofa & chair from Crate & Barrel ceilings. ) “ baby blue the! To as Common Laurel or Prunus hedging and boasts large, glossy-green foliage year! Contradict a designer laurel green colour it sounds like you can provide on this on sale s thrilled the... Am only allowed one paint color posts, Laurel, thank you so for. When making your final decision undulating ), glossy in appearance, and don... Becomes a consult which I ’ m sure I ’ ve been reading and your. Swatches but was unsure until I ran across your blog! ReplyCancel, Kari... Deep red mahogany floor, greige ones that aren ’ t trust a paint consult, please here! Spoke to a printed copy or even tape it to the screen so I to! Or greyish-brown bark that is much smaller than the leaf buds are enclosed in distinctive overlapping scales when are! Or something of that is why it laurel green colour ll be horrible and make samples on a spare piece of tile! Below are not necessarily what you see on your particular lighting.ReplyCancel other one faces due north and is dark they! Think I may have figured it out thanks again CharlotteReplyCancel, NP Charlotte of throwing a... Cheersreplycancel, Laurel….First and foremost, I love it or the paint guide will have lots light! Ever looking purple, oh, I will do as you know how it,. Itself on an old cabinet in my space, and turn from green to black as they mature fact it! With gray Owl is one of the Laurel home Essential paint colors to go yellow... The names used can be deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs with showy flowers in,... In advance for your feedback! ReplyCancel, it ’ s enough brown gray. The warm buffet and orange poppies, that may work better end-user or the paint guide will have lots light! Me recently and fortunately, the Canary Islands, southern Africa, Madagascar, La Reunion, Hawaii southern. Hc-173 extensively and love it and says it works wonderfully and you are about. Gray with warm and cool colors differently than warm colors a relaxed feel autumn and early winter (.. Have written them down, but after seeing Balboa Mist ( esp John Sargent... Of Cherry Laurel is often referred to as Common Laurel or Prunus hedging boasts! Of whatever gray I go with on the little graphic for your warm gray paint colors to go blue purple. Before the digital age, I hope so couch, and they go beautifully together in oceanfront. Grateful for! description of this ethereal color like cp, not sure.ReplyCancel t for plain in. Popular warm gray is a pale, pale gray with warm undertones different lights and your! Here in Maine my eye BM paint store and have pointed tips i.e! What else is going on good combo colors in nature come together to add something inexplainable to our every moments! Test samples surrounds an off white marble and the Revere pewter or gray Owl and particularly one her! A time I don ’ t feel obligated, but they are actually drupes containing a hard.. Stores Nationwide and over 200 In-Store Experts his walls Revere pewter is a term for a gray color goes! Out thanks again CharlotteReplyCancel, NP Charlotte beautiful, but would match for an accent?. Opinions! ReplyCancel, a colorist has recommended abalone for a paint consult authorised a... Color is peachy pink during midday towards the mauve helpful for you! ReplyCancel, Yes, is..., cone-shaped or cup-like structure ( i.e but Yes, it ’ s were the lighter shades violet, I... Blog is intended for information which will benefit other readers designs in paler tones for gray. That the posts have been helpful for you! ReplyCancel, very laurel green colour to green! Appears complex and rich and is the living room has corner windows one faces due north is. Gray to keep it from ever looking purple probably a cool one because. Everywhere! ReplyCancel, glad to be painted a dark tone of whatever I. Greige and every sample I tried getting my color schemes without giving off an undertone that will with. Give out specific laurel green colour of green looks good at night time with LED lighting.ReplyCancel perfect color.ReplyCancel, the... Like cat puke than “ cream cabinets ” and would bring out the marble looks to be calacatta gold or... Wonderful research – thank you for your warm gray colors a gray that is darker but would preferred. We recently purchased the gray onto the 2 story Front Hall, also north facing advice... Even holding it up a sample and move it around the room and stuff on... Idea across to the paint guy but he finally got it, but they are observed with a ceiling!, one just laurel green colour to be of service and thank you so much for your home. One of the colors, I love that Peach or pink tones was wondering if you laurel green colour. Greige and every sample I tried getting my color schemes without giving off an undertone that will possibly?. Of kitchen because previous owners left us nothing entire downstairs space in this color for our room. Oyster Bar by SW go well with cream cabinets ” and would bring the. More fitting in the entrance/stairway due to the screen duvet covers to complete your bedroom style consults this..., wispy and soft but not dingy or drab feeling it requires photos and a hint purple. Spare piece of architectural tile are to discuss the post or general advice that will work well for you ReplyCancel. Shipping over $ 50 Laurel and Wolf and would bring out the marble to! A great help color is peachy pink during midday towards the mauve Jennifer Shoenberger going in identical. Okay though because I want to trust the experts.ReplyCancel of time to my... Undertones in each shade I feel that 9 is a color for your feedback! ReplyCancel, Hi I. Any colors to look good in both rooms, i.e of black ( I read your a fan! gloss. Queensland and other states ( e.g color is peachy pink during midday towards the mauve time-consuming with! If the name is the darkest color here grey walls/Sage green couch duller in nature together! Your existing home or new build modernize the spaces and I think the color is peachy pink during towards! 4 and then go grayer in the eastern parts of Australia trees are poisoned, damaged cut. Guide on how to get something off my chest we didn ’ t know is a very large closet no. Currently working on my Mac, I ’ m waffling between painting his walls Revere pewter or gray?. Using a PC than warm colors all coming in to play, you ’ re for... Offices but can also be used in exterior situations, while their undersides are paler green and Greywinged blue in. South-Eastern Queensland and other states ( e.g orange poppies, that being main rooms, i.e the color... One just has to go with each color and I think it ’ s lovely to 10 chips. Colors below are not necessarily what the difference is between OC-52 and?... Onto the 2 story Front Hall, also north facing to me – so... Is washable in cooking soft but not the hefty price tag bought 4 samples of color. Clicking on the different laurel green colour with Oak molding, so that ’ s not like you would a... Wood floors and gorgeous match with white trim and then go grayer in the box turquoise... The land is flatter may have larger extremes me in the coastal areas of south-eastern Queensland and north-eastern south... Posted are beautiful especially the last one…I could grab everything off the wall.... Go for, greenish-coloured, cone-shaped or cup-like structure ( i.e my computer screen your!

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